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Which of the cruise lines private islands is the best? Half Moon Cay looks good to me.

Also, would you book a cruise to Nassau and Freeport or Nassau and a private island?



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i despise private islands owned by the cruiselines. In my opinion it detracts from other ports of call. It definitely detracts from the local economies(in the sense that the cruiselines make out like bandits and other local businesses recieve a diminished tourism trade).

That coupled with me not being much of a beach person. When i cruise i want to go to places i've not yet been. I do not wish to sit on some private resort island where i don't envelope myself in the local history, culture , and beauty of other places. I actually enjoy interacting with the local shop owners, and an occasional conversation with local people. It allows me to know more about the world around me, and does not keep me secluded or sheltered from new experiences. A cruiseline and private island do exactly that.

Don't get me wrong, I think these private resorts have their niche. As i am certain there are many people who do enjoy these cruise stops. Unfortunately they are lost on me... You just have to understand that it is the nature of a business to grow it's bottom line, and i do not begrudge them that. I know that as a company grows it far too often sets it's focus on the bottom line and ways to grow it, that true customer service slowly errodes. With that being said, lets just hope that our beautiful cruiselines never forget their commitment to exceptional customer service....

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If you just want to go to a beach, the private islands fit the bill. I have not been to all of them, but my impression is they are pretty similar. The exception would be the Disney island, which has all of the Disney special touches. I have been to Freeport and enjoyed it. The beaches are nice and they have a huge marketplace.