Options needed on driving/parking at the NYC Pier - cruising on the NCL Dawn



Just booked the family cruise for the NCL Dawn to Bermuda / Bahamas on 5/13/2006. 40th birthday present for my wife. :)

Anyways -- being more used to moose on the road (New Hampshire, ayuh) than NYC traffic, I am looking for alternatives to driving/parking/high cost at the NYC pier.
I searched most every post but I am looking for some more advice. I came up with the following options.

1. Just drive two cars (6 adults and 2 children) into the heart of Manhattan, battle traffic, getting lost in Harlem, or driving in circles for two days. Then it is going to cost $336 for two cars for the week- yikes!

2. Park cars at Uncles in Danbury CT, and get a shuttle service. Anyone recommend a shuttle service? think it will cost more than the $336? Sounds much less stressful.

3. Rent a Van from NH and do a 1 day drop off, and then on return trip do the same. Is this convienient, is there a place to drop off rentals. Need taxi to pier?

4. NCL Bus - used to run from Hartford CT, but I heard that it was stopped. Cany anyone confirm, are there other departure locations. ?

5. Amtrak, Greyhound --- how convient are these?

6. Fight the traffic in our own cars, find a cheaper place to park and then take a taxi to the pier. This sounds like it wouldn't save to much $$. Sounds even more stressful.

Anyways - and insight would be MOST helpful.


Don Clark

The bus program has expired.

Pennsylvania Station and the NY Bus Terminal are just a short taxi trip away from the piers.

A look into Greyhound and Amtrak services to see what's available may save you some cash.

Also, you can look at hiring a limo instead of renting a car.

gooo red sox

Hi VT, Just returned from the NY pier yesterday 1/19/2006 from the NCL Spirit. We were sent info that it was $24.00 a day to park at the pier. Once onboard we met agentleman who said he had only been charged $184.00 for the 12 day cruise. We had opted on taking a park and ride shuttle to Logan and flew with Jet Blue, 1 hr flight and less than $200.00 round trip. We booked Supper Shuttle ( The Big Blue Van) and paid in advance for round trip shuttle service from JFK to pier, as NCL doesn't offer shuttles from JFK. I woud not reccomend using the Supper Shuttle as they never cam to pick my husband and I up and we missed our flight and had to get on another flight. Taxi from JFK was about $42.00 plus tip. NCL does offer shuttle from the other local airports, Newark International and LaGuadia. Have a fun trip. On another note NCL changed all onboard menus as of this January 2006, My advice is book as many specialty restaurants when you get on board, because you'll will be disappointed with the regular dinning room menus. Chief complaint of everyone I spoke with on board was about menu options.


Re: getting to pier NYC Your best bet is rent a van leave car in Danbury . Does your uncle have a friend
that you could pay to drop your party off?and pick up??? or you can take train
from Brewster , NY direct to Grand Central. Take cabs to pier. Go to Metro
North web site for price and times about 1 hour train ride. Cost van option:
50 -60 per day rental unlimited miles. Driver 40-60 each day for 3hrs of work.
Tolls 5 each way. Fuel 20 each day . If your uncle knows someone with a van
could save rental fees and pay them extra. I dont believe Connecticut Limo
goes to pier check there web site . Cost is high per person but leaves from
bus station in Danbury. Plan two routes to pier traffic can get nasty in NYC.
Listen to 880 am for updates. You can approach over Tribourgh Bridge go
across Manhattan or Major Degan (Rte 87) to Westside Hwy .
P.S. Dont forget the Bagels for home...Have a great trip..


I'm not the most experinced at this as I live on Long Island and have only taken one cruise...but it was out of Manhattan. I commute by train everyday into the city. I would avoid driving into Manhattan unless it was absolutely necessary. It's just too congested and way too expensive to park.

I recall when I was on my Carnival cruise that one of my tablemates was from Baltimore. She took Amtrak into Manhattan. Since she was taking a cruise, her Amtrak ticket was discounted deeply. Amtrak however is NOT the most reliable train.

I agree with the above poster who suggested your leaving the car at your Uncle's in Danbury and taking Metro North into Grand Central. I don't, however, know where the Metro North stations are located up there but if you Google their website I'm sure their schedules will come up.

Grand Central is a magnificent beautiful building...it's located on 42nd Street on the East Side. Take a cab (well you'd have to take two) over to the piers on the West side. It should take no more than 30 minutes (it will probably take less...but traffic during the week can be very very slow moving) to get to the piers from Grand Central.

I had some friends who just came back from a trip on the Dawn. They loved it...didn't partake of the "extra pay" restaurants and had no complaints whatsoever. They raved over the casino folks - wonderful hosts (and no, they weren't winners either!).