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OT - Time for a ROLL CALL?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by DisneyBlonde, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Angelica

    Angelica Guest

    Hello, all!

    Angelica.......and when in the States. my home is in Los Angeles.</HTML>
  2. Seaturtle4

    Seaturtle4 Guest

    <HTML>Checking in from Shawnee, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City, Kansas) and experiencing the SDM phenomenon full throttle. Our family leaves March 15th for San Juan and a cruise on RCI's Adventurer.</HTML>

    JANPEP Guest

    <HTML>Hi! Jan from Maplewood Minnesota. Wasn't able to go on a cruise this winter. 1st winter in 8 years that I havn't been on a cruise. Being from MN. you know why I like to go during the winter months. I have always said you havn't lived until you have cruised.</HTML>
  4. <HTML>Been here for quite a while and were hooked !!! 1st time cruisers and just waiting for our turn, which is getting closer every day... :) :)
    Upstate New York

  5. <HTML>Been here for quite a while and were hooked !!! 1st time cruisers and just waiting for our turn, which is getting closer every day... :) :)
    Upstate New York

  6. <HTML>Sorry double clicked !!!!!!!! :cheers</HTML>
  7. Jan Z.

    Jan Z. Guest

    <HTML>Jan & Andrew from the Berkshires of Ma. Love this board!</HTML>
  8. JeanneM

    JeanneM Guest

    <HTML>Hi everyone! Love this board, you guys are a wealth of information and a whole lot of fun!

    Jeanne & Scott ... Southeastern Massachusetts</HTML>
  9. Ladybug

    Ladybug Guest

    <HTML>Denise from Aurora, Il (western 'burbs of Chicago) I'm an @ddict for sure!</HTML>
  10. lynns

    lynns Guest

    <HTML>We are from Arkansas

    Rhapsody april 2002</HTML>
  11. George C

    George C Guest

    <HTML> George and Shelagh from Coppell Tx (suburb of Dallas) although we both were born and raised in New York.</HTML>
  12. SeaFan

    SeaFan Guest

    <HTML>SeaFan and Timberhead from Liberty Twp. Ohio about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. We are addicted for sure.</HTML>
  13. JackiD

    JackiD Guest

    <HTML>Hi all,

    I'm Jacki from the San Gabriel Valley just east of Los Angeles. My husband Mike and I have been cruising since 1988. We are definitely addicts but have slowed down a bit this last couple of years. We really need to get a countdown going.

  14. jinks

    jinks Guest

    <HTML>Hi everyone
    I'm mostly a lurker, with an occasional post. Am from Bayville, NJ and anxiously awaiting our Sept 8th cruise on the Voyager.


    PS-Judy -I drive to Hamilton everyday to go to work.</HTML>
  15. tispwisp

    tispwisp Guest

    <HTML>Amy & Chris from Angier, NC (just south of Raleigh)! I am originally from MN and Chris is orginally from Cleveland, OH. We both have been in NC for about 12 years! Looking forward to our cruise on the Golden Princess in just 23 more days! Just discovered the site over the weekend! I hope to be an active participant!</HTML>
  16. Suez

    Suez Guest

    <HTML>Checking in from Wichita, KS......post on occassion, but been around for going on two years...

  17. Ed Wynn

    Ed Wynn Guest

    <HTML>Been out of touch for a few weeks, but now back on board.

    Checking in from The Entertainment Capital of the World.

    Ed in Las Vegas</HTML>
  18. mainecruiser

    mainecruiser Guest

    <HTML>Hey, better late than never. 'Mainecruiser' and 'Luv2Be@Sea' here, from Old Orchard Beach, Maine.</HTML>
  19. <HTML>Hi!! Tim and Elaine here from beautiful downtown(?) Canton, MIchigan :wave</HTML>
  20. <HTML>Checking in from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Just booked and paid for ( booked past final payment date, but got an unbeatable deal from Cruisequick.com)for my 5th cruise yesterday. I am sailing with my daughter on the Paradise for 10 days on May 2.

    Love cruising. Hubby only wants to go once a year , I need to go twice so my daughter is happy to oblige.

    NCL Sun
    NCL Majesty

    Paradise May 2/02</HTML>

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