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OT-What are the age groups in here???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Margie Downey, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. 2TallMike

    2TallMike Guest

    There you go Margie, 22-87, sounds like the average cruise crowd to me. lol
  2. tispwisp

    tispwisp Guest

    I'm 34 and hubby is 44! We are new addicts having just gone on our first cruise in March!
  3. Cruzship

    Cruzship Guest

    My chronological age is 47
    I look 55
    I feel 79 1/2
  4. work2cruise

    work2cruise Guest

    I'm 47 and hubby is 49.
    2 cruises down and 2 booked for Jan 2003
  5. Now that's something to look forward too!!! (not to mention Krispy cremes!!)lol
  6. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Well since age is an attitude...............................

    I'm going on 12
  7. ilovecruises

    ilovecruises Guest

    42 years young!
  8. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    I'm 49 and hubby is 50....I turn the big 50 in September.

  9. Bibb

    Bibb Guest

    I'm 67 and Karen is 54. I robbed the cradle.
  10. Budracer

    Budracer Guest

    Welcome, I'm 39 and my wife is 38, but I didn't tell that on the internet, OK? LOL
  11. AndyPanda

    AndyPanda Guest

    I'm 56. Wife = 55.
    Both retired & lovin' every minute of it!
    Norw. Sea 6-23-02 already packed!
    Explorer OTS 1-18-03
    ? New England/Canada 10-03
  12. Connie Cebee

    Connie Cebee Guest

    I'm 56 and Hubby is 57. Went on our first cruise "and alone vacation" April 2000. Took our second cruise last Febuary and planning to book another. I didn't want to go on a cruise, but hubby booked it for our Anniversary, We loved it. Sense we went, my younger sister has been on 3 cruises and my Dad who was 82 went on his first cruise last Dec.
    My daughter went on her honeymoon cruise last New Years. It is very contagious.
    Dad always said, " your only old if you want to be old" and he is not old. He don't look it, or act it, and it is great shape. So don't worry about your age, enjoy life, it's a gift.

    Connie :USA
  13. Tread

    Tread Guest

    How to answer . . . . . 39 and 33 months, but act 30 something (okay, okay, maybe younger!) :lol

    BETTER half is 39 and 57 months.

    I would never say she is over 40 (at least in her presence!)

  14. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    I'm younger than Margie; better half is older.......... :)
  15. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    I'm 48...
    My wife, Beth, is 43 (But no one tell her I posted that!)
    The junior cruisers (Heather and Hayley) are now 16 and 18...
    Our Bichon Frise, Chloe, just turned 5, but they won't let her on board...
  16. MissyLou

    MissyLou Guest

    I'm 55 and hubby is 56.
  17. Boops_

    Boops_ Guest

    I'm 63 and Hubby is 67. But we are really aging due to 'no cruise booked' depression. Gotta do something about that before long. :grin
    <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/download.php/1,156568,1447/bettyshoulder.gif>
  18. 12Cruise

    12Cruise Guest

    I'm a young 45 and hubby is an old 51. Tee-hee!!!
  19. AndreaC

    AndreaC Guest

    I'm 35 and hubby is 36. We definitely don't act our ages!!!
  20. Nanni

    Nanni Guest

    I am 32...and hubby Nathan is 31

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