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OT-What are the age groups in here???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Margie Downey, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. SandyW

    SandyW Guest

    I'm 49 and my husband is 56. :)
  2. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    I'm younger than Helen and I hope I'm still cruising at her age.


    My hat is off to you!

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!
  3. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    I am younger than Boops but feel older than her hubby most days. :grin
  4. unhcat

    unhcat Guest

    I'm 26 and my husband is 30. My first cruise was when I was 23 and I've been addicted ever since! We have 2 (count 'em 2) cruises booked for this year and just went on a cruise last October for our honeymoon! We wouldn't vacation any other way!
  5. Jetakai

    Jetakai Guest

    Hitched to Chippsetter 10 years today, live in Alaska. 41 years old, or 14, can't remember but there is a 1 and a 4 in there somewheres.
  6. Margie

    Margie Guest

    On Wednesday I turned 51 and my hubby, Bruce, will catch up to me on the 30th.

  7. KimberlyC

    KimberlyC Guest

    Him: 30 bottles of beer on the wall.....30 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, make a lot of friends and then drink one more.

    Me: 27 pairs of shoes in the mall....27 pairs of shoes. If some of their prices should happen to fall, that's one more pair of shoes in my hall.
  8. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    I'm 53 and my wife is 50.
  9. LindaG

    LindaG Guest

    48 for a few more days...... Hubby is 54. I usually say 40ish but after next year I will be saying 50ish....Wow....Time just seems to go by faster & faster every year. Is that why the older we get the less hurried we seem? We want to "cherish" & savor each day? Anyway, age is really just a state of mind.
  10. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Young pups, everyone is! Seriously, our ages are 43/70
  11. BobandMary

    BobandMary Guest

    Both within 3 years of 50. And life just keeps gettin' better.
  12. Tra4

    Tra4 Guest

    I'm 35, Mike is 37---

    Margie, let me know where you find that italian flag. I'm Italian, Mike is Belgium. I've been training him on how to spend money. Its a tough job to teach those belgiums!! L0L!!
  13. I'm 47 and Patti's 4 years younger I think. With all those Birthdays she had this month, I lost count!! :grin

    35 Days til the Triumph
  14. janet

    janet Guest

    I am 61, my husband 62. First cruise at 34/35. Next one as soon as possible! With possibly a few land cruises in between.
  15. Dawn

    Dawn Guest

    On August 9, I'll be 40.

    Hubby is 54.

  16. well,what I could gather....at 47 myself...age is an attitude,and age is just a number.......and we need to enjoy life to it's fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!! Margie
  17. Charles

    Charles Guest

    56 here

  18. Great question, and I've REALLY enjoyed reading all your answers. I especially loved Tread's answer about his wife's age.

    I'm 45 and my Husband is 54. Started cruising in 1997 for our honeymoon and have taken one every year since. Already getting excited about Cruise #7 next March. Of course hanging out on this board makes the anticipation all the more fun.
  19. ashuma

    ashuma Guest

    I'm 51 and my hubby is 49.
  20. Noni

    Noni Guest

    I'm 46 and hubby is 47. We started dating at ages 15 and 16. He told me when we were dating that he was too old for me. Maybe he was trying to get rid of me! I hooked him tho and we've been married 27 years now. Cruising keeps me young, tho. Really enjoyed our table mates at our last cruise. 2 newlywed couples so we called them "the kids". We even stayed at Carlos n'Charlies in Aruba to make sure they made it back to the ship on time. Life is good, isn't it?

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