OT-What are the age groups in here???



Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I think 50's have this one. I'm 52. Not many over 60. Thought for awhile Maw you were going to be the only one. Thought there was more than that. Don't the Seniors rule as pax's. Probally don't do puters and for the ones that do. I think it's great that you hung in there long enough to learn how. helen at 87 congratulations.cruisin' keeps you young doesn't it. So who won 40's or 50's? Since I do my living with these kinds of stats the results are in. Surprising I was wrong. Remember there is no science just a quick run through. 40-50 Take a bow you won with a equial split 40/45 20 45/50 20. 4 20-30 10 30/40 15 50/55 16 55/60 11 abd 60+ and am glad to have them to report 60+ 6.


Ok, I'm 51 (I forgot to hold at 49), and my cruisemates are my mom, 72 and my sis, 45. The three of us have a great time!!!

Hoosier Girl

Hate to say this but I will hit the big "6...0" this December. But beats the alternative. :grin My husband Dave hit the big "6 5" in March.