Our Carnival Pride Repo Journeys Cruise (with pics) - 2/26/17


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At exactly 9am, they came and led us off the ship. The gangway in Baltimore had been repaired, so we debarked through the lobby on Deck 2.

Going through customs was a breeze, though finding our luggage was a little harder than usual, given the amount of luggage in the Zone 1 area. While we were here I made the call to the Best Western to send the shuttle over to pick us up.

Once we found our luggage, getting a porter was easy, and he took us right to where the shuttle would pick us up. Here is the Carnival Pride back in Baltimore, where I hope she stays!!!

The Cruise Maryland Terminal…..

We waited about twenty minutes or so for the shuttle to show up. By now there were three other couples, including our new friends Ken and Kris, joining us for the ride back to the Best Western.

We were back at the Best Western at around 10am. After saying our goodbyes to our new cruise friends, we loaded up the car and began our trip back to New Jersey. As we were travelling on I-895, we were able to get this one last shot of the Carnival Pride docked in Baltimore……..

After a three hour ride, we were back at home again, another wonderful cruise completed. THE END.


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Final Thoughts and Ramblings.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with us on our Journeys cruise aboard the Carnival Pride. As always, we wanted you to feel as though you were on the cruise with us, and let you see what the Pride, and the ports of call we visited, was all about. I would like to think we accomplished that in a fun and informative way. What follows below are some of mine and Patti’s random thoughts about this cruise, not in any particular order or importance.

First off, let me say that this cruise ranked in the top three of all of the cruises that we have taken.

The Carnival Pride was, and still is, our favorite Carnival ship.

A big shoutout to all of our fellow roll call members, as it was a pleasure to meet so many of you. We’re so sorry that we did not get to meet everyone. Perhaps we will meet on another cruise at another time.

Thanks to Gingerma for arranging group rates for the hotel and shuttles in Tampa. Such hard work was greatly appreciated. We are so sorry that health issues kept you from enjoying most of the cruise.

Thanks to all those roll call members that arranged the slot pulls, pub crawls, cabin crawls, LCR, etc. It takes special people to want to do this!

Special thanks to those roll call members that stopped by during this review, and offered us their insights and experiences.

Prior to this cruise the longest cruise we had ever taken was nine days. Patti had some concerns that she wouldn’t like being on board a ship for fourteen days. This concerned me a little since we had two B2B cruises scheduled in the future. Let me just say that we both loved being aboard ship for fourteen days. On these longer cruises, if you feel like just going back to the cabin after dinner, which we did a few times, you don’t feel like you’re missing something. It’s just a more relaxed feeling. Patti loved the experience so much, that when we got home, she made me do something which I will tell you about a little later.

We enjoyed our dinners aboard the Pride, both at David’s Steakhouse, and the Normandie Restaurant.We both enjoyed the American Table and American Feast menus. In our fourteen days aboard the Pride, none of the menus were repeated.

Ken Byrne is Carnival’s best Maitre’d, hands down. He took very good care of us the whole cruise, and even before when I emailed him with my table request. And on top of that, the man can sing!

Our partial transit of the Panama Canal was one of the highlights of the cruise. We would love to do a full transit one day, but until then, the partial transit was awesome.

We were not impressed with Costa Rica, and to some extent, Bonaire. There just didn’t seem to be enough things that we like to do at those two ports that would make us want to go back there.

The other ports that we visited we have been to many times before. We tend to like doing all-inclusive resorts now, and the ones we visited were all very good, and would repeat.

My mind is going blank now, but I’m sure other things will pop into my head, and I’ll share them later.

Let’s talk about the future. Our next cruise will be in October aboard the Carnival Magic, a ship we have not sailed on before. We will be aboard her for fourteen days, doing B2B Eastern / Western cruises. Now here’s what Patti made me do. We will be getting off the Magic on October 21st, then drive up to Jacksonville to board the Elation the same day, another ship we haven’t been on. So now we will be aboard a ship for nineteen straight nights. I love my wife!!! Lol.

In 2018 we have booked the Paradise, a B2B on the Conquest, and a 14 day Journeys cruise on the Splendor to Hawaii. The Paradise and Conquest will be new to us. Yes, we would like to sail on every ship in the fleet at some point. Gives us something to shoot for! Lol.

We have nothing booked for 2019 yet, but the Pride will be one of them for sure.

Of course we will be doing reviews of all our cruises to share our experiences with all of you. If you have any questions at all, please post to this thread and I will do my best to answer them. So until next time, may you have clear skies and calm seas! Happy Sails!!!

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I enjoyed your review.

The shortest cruise we have ever done is 14 days. We prefer doing 21 days or longer.

Glad you enjoyed the Panama Canal -- you need to do a full transit some time.


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Great thing about B2B's miss something on board the first week you can always catch it the second week..and the turnaround has the best feeling ever. Watching all those one weekers tramp off home while you get settled in for another week.


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Jamman, thanks to you and Patti (you take great pictures!), for sharing your great cruise. I agree, retirement really frees you up for additional adventures. Sail on...