Our Carnival Pride Spring Break cruise - 4/5/15 (with pics)


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Thank you for sharing! We are cruising on the Pride for our second time the end of September! I am happy we got to see a glimpse of the upgrades beforehand. Also, this time HMC - which we did not go to the first time!!
I booked this cruise 360 days out (yes - almost a full year!!) - and surprised my daughter and her boyfriend with it as a Christmas present! Seems it has taken forever to get here, but just a week over a month away!! This will be their first cruise, and now they can get a good idea of the ship, and the ports - so thank you again! (But I hope she overlooks the waterslide - I was so excited to go, but seeing that the bottom drops out - my heart dropped just looking at the picture!!) :biggrin:

You and Patty captured everything wonderfully!!

Glad you enjoyed the review, and have a GREAT cruise on the Pride!! And..... welcome to Cruise @ddicts!!