Our Fascination Anniversary / Spring Break Get Away (with pics) - 3/26/16


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Here is tonight’s Dinner Menu…..

I started off with the Maryland corn chowder…….

Patti started off with the lobster bisque…..

Then I had two orders of shrimp cocktail…..

Patti had the bacon mac and cheese as an appetizer…..

For my main I had the blackened chicken…..

To be continued…..


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For her main Patti had the fried fish and shrimp…..

Here is tonight’s Dessert Menu…..

Patti had her usual butter pecan ice cream, while I had the cappuccino pie…..

Tonight the waiters danced to “Low, low, low”…..

To be continued…..


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Even the Maitre’d Dario was getting into it…..

After dinner, Patti made her way back to the cabin, while I went up to play blackjack for a few hours. I made back some of the money that I had lost yesterday, so I was satisfied, and made my way back to the cabin. Here is tonight’s turndown service, plus our invitations to tomorrow’s VIFP party have arrived. Good Night!!

Coming up next: A really AWESOME sea day!!!


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It’s time to tell you about our final sea day of the cruise. The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed……

Well, not exactly, but the bow camera view on our television told us that we were sailing through a nasty thunderstorm. The ship was rocking some, which I kind of like, especially when going to bed at night.

Patti wanted to sleep in a little longer, so I made my way up to the Coconut Grove for a little breakfast…..

Looking out the window you could see that the seas were a little choppy…..

Even though Serenity was empty due to the rain, there were still some hearty souls in the hot tubs…..

Same thing for the mid ship Lido Pool…..

To be continued…..


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I tried getting on the internet, but the service was really spotty, probably because of the storm. I made my way back up to the Lido Pool Bar, and spent the next few hours chatting with my fellow passengers, and having a “few” Coronas.

Around 11:30am I made my way back to the cabin to meet up with Patti, and gasp, our debarkation information and customs form were waiting there…..

My favorite Diamond perk is the event with the Captain that we get every cruise. The amount of Diamond members on board will dictate what the event will be. On my Splendor repo cruise a few years back, there were over 100 Diamond members aboard, so they threw a big party in the aft lounge. On other cruises where there were a dozen or so Diamonds aboard, they had a cocktail party in the Piano Bar. This cruise I was the only Diamond member aboard, so Patti and I were invited to brunch with the Captain, and his senior officers and staff.

At noon, we met in the Club 88 Piano Bar, and after introductions we were escorted to our table in the Sensation Dining Room. Captain Longhin brought his wife and two young daughters along as well. They had been sailing with him the last three weeks, and tomorrow when the ship is back in Jacksonville, Captain Longhin will leave the ship for a well deserved vacation.

For the next hour or so, we chatted with one another like we were old friends, and of course the brunch was awesome. Naturally, the service we received was top notch. Here is the official picture of our brunch with the Captain, which they gave to us. His wife didn’t want to get in this picture……..

She’s in our picture though…….

Here are Patti and I with Captain Gianluca Longhin…..

It was almost 1:30pm when it was over, another awesome experience!
Patti and I were going to head upstairs to the Casino Royale for the second slot tournament of the cruise, and on the way got a few pictures of the Backstreet Video Arcade…..

To be continued…….


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Here are a few more pictures of the Backstreet Video Arcade…..

We both entered the 2nd slot tournament of the cruise, but this time my score was nowhere near good enough to qualify. However, Patti had a great score……

Patti is on top of the leader board. We’ll check back later to see if her score holds up…..

There were almost two hours before the slot tournament finals would start, so Patti made her way back to the cabin to begin packing.

I stayed in the casino and played blackjack until the slot finals were set to begin, and I wound up winning $400. This is beginning to look like a great day!

It was time for the slot tournament finals, and Patti’s score held up as the top qualifier. She got to pick her machine first, and went back to machine #2…..

The slot tournament finals were hotly contested……

To be continued…….


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Patti won!!!!!! Way to go Patti!!!!!!

Katerina counts out $500…….

Patti shows off her winnings…….

Patti also won a seat in the Grand Slot Tournament Finals on the Carnival Magic May 7th. However neither one of us would be able to make that trip. This was the last week of qualifying for that cruise. If she would have won a week later, the next Grand Final is in November, and that may have been doable. Oh well.

It’s my turn to go pack, and Patti is heading to bingo and the final coverall jackpot. She would meet me at the VIFP party at 5:15pm.

It was time for the VIFP party, and this was the welcome sign by the front door of the Puttin on the Ritz Lounge……

Patti has her drink…..

To be continued…….


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Looking around, the lounge looked fairly empty. It looked like every section had their own personal waiter with snacks and a bar waiter. I don’t believe there were more than 50 or 60 people there.

The party ran true to form. They ran a few contests, showed the ships video, then Cruise Director Felipe introduced the Captain and Senior Staff…..

Captain Gianluca Longhin said a few words…..

I was called up as the only Diamond member on the ship, and given a plaque…..

This is Patti’s photo of the group. The two women on the left were given plaques as the contest winners…..

To be continued…..


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Here is the official group photo from the VIFP party that they gave us…..

Me and my plaque….

It’s really just a glorified drink coaster. Better than another ship on a stick!! Lol…….

After the party Patti and I both went to the Casino Royale to play blackjack for an hour or so before dinner. Patti broke even, and I won another $100.

Here is tonight’s dinner menu…..

Tonight we are going to have the Anniversary dinner that we had planned for the first night. We brought our second bottle of wine to dinner with us, and again we were not charged a corkage fee. I started off with the crab cake…..

While Patti started off with a Caesar salad…..

To be continued…..


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From the Steakhouse selections we both ordered the Maine Lobsters for a $20 each up charge. They were great! Unfortunately, we were so excited to have them we forgot to take a picture of them. I did get a photo of the empty shells though. Lol…….

Here is tonight’s Dessert menu……

The waiters marched in and did the usual last night of the cruise rendition of “Leaving on a Fun Ship”…..

I am sad that this cruise is almost over…..

For dessert, I had the baked Alaska…..

To be continued…..


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For dessert, Patti had the fruit plate…..

Our wait team was excellent the whole cruise. Here I am with Elmer, Larsson, and Minggus………

After saying our goodbyes, and thanking our maitre’d Dario, we went up to the Casino Royale one final time. Patti went to pick up her seat certificate for the Grand Slot Finals, and I played blackjack for an hour or so, and wound up breaking even.

We decided to call it a cruise and head back to the cabin. It’s always a sad sight to see the luggage out in the hallway…..

Here is our final towel animal of the cruise…..

We were up at 7am, just as the Fascination was docking back in Jaxport. Here is the debarkation info…..

To be continued…..


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As Diamond and Platinum, here are our debarkation instructions…..

We made our way to the Coconut Grove for our last breakfast, then at 8:45am we vacated our cabin and made our way to the Club 88 Piano Bar to wait to be called to debark.

At 9:20 am we were led to the elevators, down to Deck 3, and we were off the ship. We grabbed a porter, easily found our luggage, and breezed through customs in no time flat. The porter took our luggage right to the van and loaded it up for us. By 9:45am we were on our way home.

This is our last view of the Carnival Fascination from the van…..

We are exiting Jaxport. I’m sure we will be back here one day…..

I’m starting the long drive back to New Jersey…..

15 hours later we were home safe and sound. Another great cruise completed. THE END.

Once again we had a fantastic time on the Fascination. She is our favorite Fantasy Class ship. Now that she is leaving Jacksonville for San Juan, I guess somewhere down the line we will have to give the Elation a try.

I guess now that Patti is going to be retiring this was the last peak season cruise that we will book. It’s great to have flexibility to book whenever you want.

We are excited about the next three cruises that we currently have booked. The next one up for us will be labor day weekend when we board the Carnival Sunshine,(a new ship for us), on a 7 day cruise to New England and Canada. Patti has always wanted to do this one, but these are always in September and October so she never could go at this time because she was teaching. I don’t recall ever seeing a picture review of this itinerary, so we’re excited to do this one.

Then next February is a bucket list cruise for us. We’ll be on our favorite ship, the Carnival Pride, as she does a 14 day cruise as she repositions from Tampa back to Baltimore. This cruise includes a partial Panama Canal transit, and two countries, Costa Rica and Bonaire, that we have not visited before. I think our review of this one will be epic!! Can’t wait!!

Then in October of 2017, we will travel to Port Canaveral to embark the Carnival Magic, another new ship for us, and we’ll be visiting Amber Cove for the first time. Patti also wants to piggyback this cruise with a stay at Disney, for the first time without kids. Should be a lot of fun.

Of course, if the right deal comes around, we are in pretty good shape to take advantage of it, so a few more may get added along the way. Fingers crossed.

So there you have it, our little photo review of our Anniversary / Spring Break get away. Glad that we had you with us, and we hope you enjoyed the ride. Until we meet again, may you have clear skies and smooth seas. Happy sails!!!


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As usual you gave a great review. Enjoyed it all. Happy Anniversary & Happy Retirement to Patti. Looking forward to your next reviews.

The Cruiser

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Jeff, I can't "name" the little cruise ship, but I know it was a former R class Cruise ship. It was good to "sea" the Celebration in your photos. I never got the chance to sail on her.

Again, thanks for the review Jeff and Patti.

BTW, I love your kitty.


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Jeff, thank you for another great review. I always look forward to your reviews. When I read them it makes me feel like I am on that ship. I hope you continue giving us great reviews of your cruise experiences. Thanks again. Evie (gram)


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Hi Jeff, thank you for yet another review with photos, always love them. Thank you for offering so much time for these, keep them coming. Look forward for the rest.


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Thanks once again Jeff and Patti for wonderful dialogue and pictures! You'll both love cruising on off times now that Patti retires. There's a whole world out there...enjoy it all. And of course, please take us along.


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Hey Jeff!

Fabulous review from your Fascination adventure!
As usual it feels like we are there cruising with you!

Great photo! We can really see how thirsty you are looking at the selection of beers! :)

It's not easy to see what the name of that small ship is. As TC says it's one of the R-class ships, I just can't figure out which one of them it is.
R four was transferred to Oceania cruises in March this year. Her new name is Sirena. Maybe it's her?

Thank you for the photo of Majesty of the Seas in Nassau! It makes me remembet when I was there about two months ago. Oh... it also reminds me that I have to do a review of that cruise...

Really looking forward to your Carnival Pride reveiew, but I realize we have to wait almost another year! ;)
It seems to be an amazing itinerary!

Jeff, thanks to you and Patti for the review and photos, and Happy Anniversary!