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Our Kitty has kidney failure



Luna, our 12 year old kitty began losing weight. Last week she stopped eating and drinking. Saturday morning DH took her into the vet where she was diagnosed. Since Saturday we have been force feeding her ($1.59 per can) , giving her 3 kinds of medication and giving her an IV for hydration. She had dropped from 8 pounds to 5.5 pounds and we were not hopeful.
However, yesterday, she threw quite a fit when she found her food bowl missing. I called the vet this morning, went back and bought special food for kitties with kidney problems. She ate it like she had never eaten before! She has been perky all afternoon and is looking much better.
So, things are looking up but she is not out of the woods yet. She goes back to the vet on Tuesday.


Awww, poor little Luna! I'm saying a few kitty prayers that things will show improvement and she will be much better with treatment. It is so scary for furbaby Mom's to see their little ones not feeling well. Feel better soon Luna! =hug=hug=hug


I hope Luna continues to improve. It's very hard to see a beloved pet feel bad. Hopefully she will continue to recovery and put back the weight. Zsa Zsa sends her some tail wags.


FKD is very common in older cats. The IV's are part of that, and you may be doing that for a long long time, which is what you hope for! Ask your vet, but at this point, you probably want to take her in every 6 months, to keep an eye on her condition. Sorry she has to go through this, but it sounds like it did the trick and she's feeling so much better. Belly rubs for her!


=hug Jo and Luna! I am glad to read that she is perking up some and eating! I hope that she continues to improve and please give her a cuddle from me.



I'm so sorry to read this about Luna, but glad that she seems to be improving.

A friend has a "senior" cat that has been in kidney failure for several years. The cat has been receiving fluids (3x per week) for several years, and that "dialysis" has helped. The cat loses weight/gains weight/loses weight/gains weights, eats/won't eat/eats/won't eat, so the roller coaster ride has become the norm.

Scritches for Luna, and prayers that you can control her situation.


I'm sorry that your baby is ill. Hugs to you it is so heartbreaking to see one of our furbabies ill.


I'm so sorry to hear this. We lost our poor 10yr old Himilayan "Arie" to this. The first sign of trouble he was only 4 yrs old. We watched him very carefully. He ate a special diet with lots of restrictions. I hope the best for your kitty.