Our prayers are offered for Heather BC


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Another moving tribute Red...so sorry that you've had to do so many of these of late. May they all rest in peace and their family find comfort in the memories of their loved ones.

Cruise cutie

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My prayers and thoughts are with Heather and her Family on the loss of her husband Jake..so very heartbreaking..he was so very young..may her memories down the road help her find strength and peace...Joanne


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Thank you Val for posting such a nice tribute to Jake-
and what wonderful pictures too.
Its been quite awhile since I've posted here--but how can I ever forget meeting some of my best cruise friends on the RSMC--
Heather and I have formed a special friendship and what a shock it was to get the call from her--letting me know of Jakes passing.

Heather my continued thoughts and prayers are with you


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Thank you all. Each and everyone for posting. Has been a long time since Jake or I posted here, but I d0 know he read it every day and I got reports. :)

I have very fond memories of the very first cruise addicts board cruise. The RSMC. From that we have met and remained friends of many. I thank this board for that.



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Jake will be missed, he was one of the good guys. Like others I met Heather on the RSMC cruise and became friends. Very shortly afterward they invited me for a precruise stay at their home and then met I Jake.

Was sure sad to hear of his passing and hope all the best for Heather. I have many great memories of their adventures, its amazing how many friends I made on that original RSMC cruise.

Happy sailing Jake



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Yes, we phlock members have been reeling since we heard this news. Heather has been such a bright member of our little community that we wish we could in some way help her bear her grief. But our thoughts and prayers are with her and she has all of her friends to lean on in this difficult time, and in the future as well.