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Travelling on Infinity 2nd November through Panama to San Diego.
Lots of conflicting info. about West Coast weather. Is there likely to be rough sea conditions between Panama and San Diego. Wife wants the truth, although done 8/9 cruises we did get caught in hurricane on Galaxy in early October 4 years ago.
Cannot wait, only 2 weeks to go, but I suspect my wife doubts my judgment !! Any help or reassurance I can give although it is a bit late now to do anything about it.


Here is the truth........ You are late in the storm season but you just never know. There are a couple of places along the coast where if the wind is just right it comes over the land from the Gulf of Mexico and you'd think you were in a storm. The Pacific rolls vs. the rock and roll of the Atlantic. and just never know. Not very helpful eh???

I forgot to say that of our 4 trips in the Pacific all have been fine weather wise.

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We board Infinity on Sunday and will transit the canal to get back to Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 2, so you can board for your cruise!

We cruised the canal westbound a few years ago and had perfect weather and sea conditions. There was only one very windy day, sailing north along the coast of Mexico. It was windy enough for the outside pool deck to be off-limits, and there was a bit of rolling, but it was warm and the sun was shining and it was really nothing to write home about.

We also cruised the Pacific on a repositioning cruise from Alaska down to LA, and heard nightmare tales about horrible conditions from others who had sailed the west coast. Well, they were just tales, and our sailing could not have been smoother.

Heard the same thing about the Atlantic prior to our transatlantic crossing last year, and that was picture postcard perfect, too.

Of course, ships sail the seas which can be unpredictable and full of surprises, but I wouldn't worry too much about rough seas. Yes, there are storms and rough seas sometimes, but most of the time things are just fine. Some folks just like to tell their "horror" stories and you know how that goes. . .a three-inch minnow somehow grows into a 30-foot whale!


Thanks for your info. The only sure way to find out is to get on board and see what happens. Your comments do however seem promising and I am grateful. The estimates for hurricanes in 2003 predicted more than average but this does not appear to have happended.
We do get a little confused here in the little UK as 50mph + winds are quite common but never referred to as storms or hurricanes just as strong winds or if very strong as gales. In the hurricane center anything over 39mph becomes a tropical storm.
Perhaps therefore I am over reacting

Lady Jag

The sea is always rough from Cabo San Lucas, heading North toward San Diego. There are two currents that converge there and it is very typical to have it rough for a short time. As long as you are prepared ahead of time, you'll be fine. This section of the Pacific is nothing to fear, it's predictable, normal and doesn't last long. :)