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Pacific Princess 'Love boat' review. Sept 29-oct6th 2002.

Well my adventure began that Friday, as we made final preparations,
I burnt my arm getting my pizza out. This fortunately did not ruin my
vacation even though, I had and still have a red scare. Saturday sept
28th, was my first day of class, and thankfully ended two hours early.
I then preceded to make my bed for Grandma who we left to get a little
while later. Me and mom had taken Bonine friday night, in prep, and all
four us took one Saturday night as 'Kyle' seemed to want to stay around

Sunday sept 29- Embarkation day. Dad works for Delta, so he parks at
the office building and then takes a taxi back, while we wait with
luggage. This has always gone smoothly, but this time the taxi took
forever. Our flight was at 8:05 am, and by 7:30, I was getting nervous,
He finally showed up and we checked our luggage and went through
secuirty, where my boats set it off and they checked me. Finally we
boarded our flight, and as we were in first class, ate a meal. We got
our luggage and preceded down and as we didn't find a Princess rep, sat
down and waited. While we waited, I began to read the transportation
ticket and showed Dad where it said to show it to the people, so they'd
call out transport. We did this and 10 minutes later were speeding down
NJ, On out way to NY Pier. Finally we were at our ship, and 15 minutes
later were on board. Mom and Dad's suprise was not set-up yet. (they
found out about it on Thursaday thanks to mom who 'suddenly' decided
to visit cruise critic board and read my posts.) So we headed to the
dinning room, where a full-scale, normal dinning room lunch was served.
Lifeboat drill was smoothest I've seen and the best. We watched the
ship sail past Statue of Liberty and Ground 0 before heading back to
cabins to rest-up (we went to bed at 10 pm the night before and I
didn't sleep till about 2, and we got up at 4) Then off to dinner, and
I was the first to arrive from my group, and met Maggie and Lyle from
cruise addicts board, whom I talked to before, and discovered a couple
of weeks before, would be staying next door to my parents. It was to
all of our surprise and Joy, that we were table mates. We shared
stories and stuff. *Thanks Maggie and Lyle on the info about Wine*
The show was Ok, you couldn't really call it a show, they only did one
dance, and then all the people came on, introduced, and the beauty
salon advertised, and the shop on board and all...

Monday Sept 30th- Up and Down she goes! Take medicine, this ship does
rock a lot, even when seas are calm, which they were up till around 6,
or 7 pm monday night till we got to Bermuda tues. We ate all meals in
dinning room, it was great. Sunday was the 'Welcome a board dinner'
Monday was Captain's Welcome dinner, I suggest getting your pic made
with the captain at the pre-dinner party. They make two pics out of it.
One was the tradional pic, the second is the pic, surrounded by the
ports of call, Satue of Liberty, and says the sailing date, ship name,
and farewell season 72-02. We bought that one, they also have a t-shirt
and sweatet with the ship, and the farewell season on it, we got the
shirts. The show on Monday night is worth seeing, Chris is soo awesome
(Chris is your reading this, You are Great! I loved your 'music of
the night' from 'Phantom of the Opera', and your 'I dreamed a dream'
from 'Les Miserables') Much to do, but I was sleeply.

Tuesday Oct1st- We hit some storms ealy tues morning- the time we got
to Bermuda, it was rough, the ship behind us, said 20ft, up and down
we went. This one couple got very sick, and the husband hurt his foot.
They had to fly back Thursday (they were retired from Delta.) I got
my hair done at 8 am, and let me tell you, everything was rolling
around, and I could feel it sitting down, but since I'd taken medicine
since Friday, and continued to take it, I was not sick, just had a hard
time walking straight ;) I got my hair highlighted, white blonde foil.
It was raining a bit when he first arrived, and while we were on our
carriage ride, but we went anyways, and after it has quit and sun was
shinning. Me and Grandma went shopping and bough Run cake, sand, and
Me I bought the 18 dollar Bermuda perfume sample. It's 7 perfumes, and
4 guy colognes in a box all in seperate tubes, and named. I love it,
and greatly suggest getting it. Dinner was Chef's choice night. After
dinner, Me, Dad, and Grandma went to get me my first legal drink. Dad
had a 'Dark and stormy' the Bermuda drink, Grandma had a Pina Colada,
and I have a Strawberry Darqurii. I only drank half, as to make sure
I'd be OK. We skipped the show as it didn't interest us.

Wednesday Oct2nd- We went to Warwick Long bay beach, the pinkest, and
let me tell you, it's not pink. Not really. Anyways, later mom and
dad went to the other beach.. they missed Italian night, big no-no!
the chef's are Italian so the food is GREAT! Tarmissu for dessert, it
is wonderful, and light. Our wonderful waiter Perfec?? and assisant
'Chubby' as he said to call him, gave me two pieces for mom and dad.
We ate at table 6. Anyways me and dad saw Spiderman as Mom and Grandma
went out to festivle night in the rain (heheheeh). Show did not
interest us again. We all had some Champaigne that came with the regular
'Anniversary' package. I don't like Champaigne.

Thursday Oct3rd- I did not leave ship, but once to do the last of my
shopping, which I was getting sick of. But that was all for me, Dad
had booked a snorkel tour in Hamilton for Wed, but it was too choppy,
so they went Thursday and has the desency to drop them close enough
to Royal dockyard they could get a taxi, and dad didn't miss French
night. (Jessie James tour, not via ship. It cost about the same, but
did two shipwrecks, a beach and all. Dad says do it.) French Onion
soup, and Duck (YES! I tired the Duck and was delighted! Like chicken,
I'm not kidding) Oh! they do Trivia a few times a day, go try it for
fun, you have have a team of up to 4 people. Thanks again to Maggie and Lyle, I had my
last drink in Bermuda, a Blush wine, zethepel??? It was great. I drank
2/3 of that one.

Friday Oct4th- No sooner than we go out to find the internet cafe, than
we have to run to shelter, because of rain. It rained hard, and non-
stop for 30 min. We stopped to see glass-blowing. I swear this one
boy was no more than 20 in there working with it, and the fire and all.
Dad got back right at 11:29, The two guys who had been checking bags
as you came back, boarded and I began to get nervous, I was about to
cry when Dad showed up. Gala buffet is AT NOON, NOT AT MIDNIGHT! Also
2nd Formal night... Cherries Jubilee dessert. Show was 'The Century sings' Chris (cruise dir) again
was great, singing, and dancing. I must say, I'd been on 4 other
cruise, and I can't say I even remember seeing the cruise dir. Chris
was EVERYWHERE. Very friendly and all. Anyways that show was great.
I stayed up, went to Karokee where I sang 'hero' by Mariah Carey, got
lots of applause, and woke dad up for Chapaigne waterfall, I stayed up
to 12:30.

Saturday Oct5th- We got up for the Gallery napkin folding/cooking/
kitchen tour. I got up during cooking to try the shrimp, and they
poured me some kind of white wine. (I look under 18, which I am) I
was shocked, so I just took it back to dad, who told me to drink some.
It was pretty good too. Anways, GO TO THAT,IT'S WONDERFUL! Bring your
cameras, digital, and video to dinner, they do the BAKED ALASKA
prestation to the 'Macarena' Let me tell you, I have that dessert 4
times on different cruise, THAT WAS THE BEST! Show- 'New York, New
York' they sing about New York, and do some experts from Boardway
plays (Phantom, Les Mis...) Chris was yet again wonderful. We were sad
as it was our last night on board our little ship. :(

Sunday oct6th- Disemark was easy, and lots of crew was there to see us
off, even our waiter came up while we were waiting on deck 6, to say
goodbye. I will miss The Pacific, and wish the new ship wasn't
'steeling' the name.

Well as usualy flying standby can be tough at time. Newark, Delta only
goes to about 6, 7 different places, so we got to spend the night. I
didn't really care too much, it was a great vacation. I only went to
afternoon tea once, they had little sandwiches, really good. Hello to
'Quaker' nice meeting you and your wife. And to the other two people
we met from Cruise critic board. See you all around.
Ok, that's it.
I'm done now!