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packing alcohol??? how to.....



I know I have read a bunch was ways that people get liquor smuggled on board for the cruise.
Was looking for some outstanding and unique ideas to get some rum and wine on board in my suitcase or carry on bag.
Any sugguestions?????


if you go to the community message board and scroll through a few pages you will see links for this type of question. also look at the board dedicated to your cruiseline. We are taking alcohol with us, many people do. Make sure it's in your checked luggage not your carryon though.


Easy way to take Rum onboard is if you like dark rum emppty a Coke bottle and pour the rum in and put in your carry on. Nobody will stop you for a bottle of soda and you don't have to worry about it breaking. Of course if you like light Rum use a water bottle. Some lines let you take wine on, like Princess- have done it many times. LOL


Just got back from a Carnival Cruise... Went with 4 adults -- and we ALL were able to bring alcohol on board.. All we did was put it into our luggage and put a small lock on the outside... Cruise lines don't want to damage your luggage, so they just let it through.

Was able to bring a bottle of Vodka, Scotch and 5 bottles of wine on that way...

Saved BIG $$ on the bar tab at the end of the cruise.


Just wrap whatever you want to take onboard in bubble wrap, put it between some clothes in your suitcase and you're good to go.



Ditto on the bubble wrap and checked baggage. Last time I carried a fully stocked bar in a couple carry ons for the plane ride and then just checked the bags once at the pier. This was in addition to the bad with the soda, beer and mixers. Be careful, unless you are in full excessive pary mode it becomes easy to take far more than you will drink. Lugging it home again can be a bummer


hi i just got back yesterday from the jewl of the seas.
i bought 2 pints on board (modest drinker) no problem.
i could have bought duty free on board a ltr of absolut for 9.00 and pay another 9.00 consumption fee to take back to my cabin. 18.00 for a ltr of absolut was still a deal.
check on board when you go for this deal.
liquor prices i paid in st thomas are as followed
1ltr myers dark rum 9.50
1ltr bombay sapphire gin 11.00
1ltr mt gay rum barbados rum 6.50
1ltr stoli citron vodka 8.50
what a deal.


Wish I would have known this info.....my last bar tab for myself was $800.00.....but man we had fun :)


I've heard that with Carnival we can bring a bottle of wine or champagne on board. Can we just stick it in our carry on? I don't want to drag it all the way from Canada just to have them take it away from me :eek:(