packing clothes with tissue paper WOW!



Hi all
I read on a packing site that tissue wrap is a great way to go. I always use the roll method but thought I'd pack my clothes using the tissue paper method. I'm not going to know if it will help with wrinkles until after I unpack but it sure is a pretty sight! LOL

I'm sure that most of you know about this packing method but for newbies, here it goes - As you fold your garment, place tissue between all folds. Then wrap and tape
a long piece of tissue around the neatly folded piece.
I never tried this before and I was so happy to see my blouses and tops stacked so neatly without worry of unfolding. This takes extra time but I'm hoping that it's worth it. Many LOVE this method. It sure is neat and tidy.

I'll let you know if I'm wrinkle fee when I return.




for my cruise last sept i used tissue paper and it worked great. and the tissue paper will be great to help wrap and protect any souveniers you buy also. so it has two uses. and your clothes will be with very little wrinkles. i also took some downy fabric wrinkle releaser spray just in case but never had to use it. have a great time and make sure we hear all about the cruise and what you did for fun.

and just because a few bashers and very rude members picked on your '' skip formal night '' question, please dont stop from asking anything you want to and being a part of our great group here. i cant beleive how visious those two posters got. especially that dan40. what a jerk!!!!! i cant beleive their nastiness. it is not in the normal nature of this board or any other board i am a member of for that to happen with a legitimate and normal question. i am hoping that the administrators will ban them from the board here.


I don't use tissue paper. I get used drycleaning plastic bags and they work great!

Usually I save them from drycleaning throught the year. This is also how I pack all my business suits on business trips.

I learned this from Raquel Welch!


Hi there Dusty,
Glad to hear that the tissue papper worked well for you.
I really don't feel like I was bashed on the "skip formal night" post. Everybody has a take on things, some can voice opinions gently, others can go a bit overboard.
I think some posters thought that I felt "uncomfortable" going to formal night. I'm far from uncomfortable with formal attire and have the gowns to prove it! LOL
My problem was most of my group REALLY didn't want to bother with all the extra packing and fuss. For some, vacation means being comfortable and leaving the everyday uniform of suits and ties at home. I agree with you on being comfortable yet being nicely dressed on formal night. This is a wonderful cruise but for heaven's sake, it's not the Red Carpet!!
Many cruisers don't have an opportunity to dress up and I'm so happy to know that they feel special on formal night. We should all just be happy for each other and enjoy!
Boy, I rambled on. Thanks for the ear, Dusty.

I heard about the drycleaning bags and I'll be sure to try it next time. I spend way too much at the drycleaners, it's good to know I can use their bags for something.
Thanks so much!



One method I just started using is to save the plastic bags in which newspapers are delivered. They are just the right size for shoes, underwear, etc. Use the Sunday bags for larger items!


#6 learn somethign new every day. Does the tissue paper really help with wrinkles? I'd sure love to know why!

As for the extra time it takes to fold and put in the tissue, I have an idea. We bought one of those "flip-and-fold" thingies they advertised on TV (one for us, and one for my in-laws) and they are GREAT for packing. They make folding neater and go much faster, and I would think they would speed up the time even while putting the tissue in. Just a thought!

Everyone made jokes about us buying the flip-and-folds, but my in-laws say it was one of the best gifts they ever got! *LOL*


Hi terri910
I'm sure the flip and fold gadget is a wonderful way to keep packing neat, tidy and fast.
I love new ideas!
Hope you have a wonderul wrinkle free cruise. Enjoy!

Never thought to use newspaper bags. Great way to pack and reuse something we get every week!