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Awhile back someone posted a great packing list, but of course I didn't print it out. Can someone please post that again. Thanks


I'm a first time cruiser and used both the Cruisediva list and Calgon's list when I went on the Voyager 3/4/01. I had so much extra junk due to these list which I didn't use. I posted a review and here is my advise on packing...

I used Calgon's and the Diva packing list to pack for the cruise. All I have to say, is enough already. All those extra items will sit in your room and take up luggage space. My cruise was 7 nights. This is what you really need to bring...your normal day to day toiletry items include sunscreen also. Ladies be warned, everyone lounges around all day, so your hair is pulled back or put up, you know your normal Saturday hairdo, bring necessary hair accessories. In the evenings about 35% of the ladies did the makeup, curled hair and went way out. The remaining 65% of us, including me were still on vacation and put our hair up or pulled back and put on a nice linen sun dress w/ a nice pair of sandals. Make sure to get a pedicure and manicure before you leave home. The prices on the ship are ridiculous.

Day Wear
7 pair of shorts and 7 t-shirts/tanks, these outfits should be very, very casual because everyone on the ship is lounging. 2 - 3 swimsuits (cover-up is personal preference, I preferred a pair of gym shorts, how many you bring is also personal preference, we had 3 sea days so one for each day, especially if you get in the pool/hot tub). 1 - comfortable pair of sandals and 1 pair - gym shoes & socks. I didn't wear my gym shoes but I didn't play basketball/volleyball or go on any excursions where gym shoes were needed. Aqua shoes if you're going to Dunn's River Falls or the beach. Don't forget your belt.

Evening Wear
2 formals and shoes to match. The other 5 nights are personal preference. 5 sun dresses or mix and match pants sets/capri sets along w/ shoes to match. Remember to bring a small purse to take w/ you to dinner. This too is personal preference. If you don't mind carrying your card, camera, lipstick in your pocket or your hand no big deal.

You really do need 7 casual, 2 formals/nice dresses/suits and 5 smart casual outfits. But also keep in mind no one will notice if you mix and match. YOU NEED 15 CHANGES OF UNDERWEAR/CLOTHES. This is very important. You change clothes twice a day, morning and then evening. I just tossed several pairs in my suitcase w/o counting and it just so happened I had bought two packages of underwear before I left and tossed them in the suitcase as well. I was saved but made a big mental note for next time. The additional things you need are a camera and all its accessories, bottled water (mainly for the excursions, it's hot), backpack, reading material (Voyager has a library and book exchange. I read two of the Oprah Book Club books, thanks to the book exchange), soda if you're an avid soda drinker and don't want to pay $1.50 per can of coke (they have plenty to drink, so you won't go thirsty, soft drinks are free at dinner, so I would get my fix then), mesh bag for dirty laundry, extra duffle bag to carry home souvenirs.

Kay Tee

<HTML>Renee, I think your packing list sounds great, and I too was overwhelmed by Calgon's and Cruisediva's lists. Question: does anyone wear a hat? It is my first cruise, and I am very sensitive to the sun, tho' I love being in it. Of course, I wear the heavy duty sunscreen, but my face still tends to burn. Was considering a wide-brimmed hat. Any thoughts?</HTML>