Packing packing packing....



"But socks to jog? Heck no, not when I'M on vacation!!"

Sad to say, vacation is practically the only time I can exercise routinely.

"Bad thing is, you could probably cruise for a week on that list, but its just about all needed for 3 days as well"

My wife and I came to that conclusion, also, while talking last night. A seven-night cruise is basically two three-night cruises, clothing-wise, since we can have everything laundered at least once during the trip!

"Maybe leave out the sweatpants (or lounge pants?) since you are taking a pair of jeans?"

The sweatpants are for jogging, but I've got gym shorts for that. The lounge pants are my PJs.

"Ok so, thats the GPS, one pair of socks, and 1 pair of pants.... hardly seems worth it"

Well, it is worth it very much, because it gives me some level of assurance that I've learned a lot from all these posts about how much to pack.

"p.s. I noticed... you even alphabetize your packing list!"

Not I. My wife's company produces collaboration software, so we've been using it to keep track of everything about this trip. She designed a packing list tool. Every time we think of something we need to bring, or read a message convincing us that we don't need to bring something, we go right online and adjust the list. Easier than pen and paper (and it cannot get lost)!


"Bicker, is this your first cruise?"

Second cruise. We did a Nile cruise in 2001. Hundreds of photos on our web site.


It's so much fun to read everyone's packing dilemmas. While I've learned (after 17 cruises you'd think I would have learned something) how to pack light and not worry, I've also learned the following:

1. Taking too many clothes is not yet a federal crime, although if your packing extends to a third bag, or you find that you cannot actually walk around in your cabin without leaping over bags, you should probably reconsider your choices.

2. Everyone has a "must have" item, which never fails to amaze everyone else-- "You packed WHAT?"

3. You can wash out your socks and unmentionables in the cabin bathroom with the shampoo that's already in there. In most cases they'll dry overnight. (I always put the undies away next day after a quick blast with the hairdryer. I don't mind the attendant seeing my socks, but not my undies!)

4. I understand why some folks want to carry on their own bags, but I really like the idea of sailing on board with nothing in my hands but a camera and purse. Makes it feel like the vacation starts right there and then.

5. Those space bags thingies really work pretty well and squishing all the air of out of them helps build upper arm strength.

6. Naming your luggage is a strange, but helpful idea. Our bags are named Bruno and Brunhilde. Like that little Troll in the Travelocity ads, they have their own adventures. Making up stories about their secret lives in the baggage handling area helps pass the time and ease travel stress.


mlzangel78 - THANKS! I will definitely try to do like you and fit everything in my 22 inch carry on! I would love to not have to check anything. I think I should be able to manage - it's just a 5 night cruise!


I am glad i was able to share,,, keep in mind though that those 7 day cruises were on princess and carnival , where they have self service laundry, i will let you know what goes in on the 8 day cruise to aruba on royal caribbean in may ... im a little nervous,,, since they have no self service laundry... i'll have to bumb up to a 25" carry on LOL :) from a 22"


Bicker, can you post a link to your web site? I'd love to see the Nile Photos :)