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Painted Desert o Grand Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by hospvol, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. hospvol

    hospvol Active Member

    Has anyone had experience with the Painted Desert on the Grand Princess? It will be my husband's birthday while we are on the Grand Princess and he loves steak. :thankyou:
  2. lumbertrader

    lumbertrader Active Member

    The Painted Desert is now the STERLING STEAKHOUSE at PD. Nice intimate dining with good steaks and chops. Worth $$. We ate there this January and will do so again on March 14th, 2011 cruise.
  3. hospvol

    hospvol Active Member

    Thanks for your reply. Sounds like something we should do.
  4. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    We ate there and it was excellent
  5. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Good to know, Jeanie as we plan on eating there one of the weeks of our cruise, and Sabatini's one night, one of the weeks. :doubleup:
  6. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there is foie gras served on the Grand P?

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