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Paradise beach in Cozumel?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by OpusX, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. OpusX

    OpusX Guest

    Any one been there? I have read that the chairs and beach stuff is free just pay for food and drinks and the beach is very nice for swimming and beach stuff.
  2. Hola, OpusX.......I work at Paradise and yes, the chairs, umbrellas, beach floats, trampoline, climbing iceburg, change rooms, and snorkle equipment are all free..... seeya soon!
  3. cdritter1

    cdritter1 Guest

    My husband and I visited Paradise Beach on Dec. 13, 2003. We thought that we would only stay for a couple of hours and then head back to town to sight-see. Paradise Beach was so beautiful and the folks were wonderful that we ended up staying the entire day. We enjoyed the ocean kayaks, super clean restrooms, great food and drinks .
    When we arrived we asked how much and they said it's free just order one drink...so we did.
    We are looking forward to a return visit one day in the future.
    To the guys who worked over-time breaking into the office to get a t-shirt for my husband BIG Thanks Again!

    Carol and Matt from Houston, TX
  4. Hey Carol and Matt...it's Tom, the first guy who tried to break in! Thanx for the compliments, hope to see you again one day! adios
  5. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    Any more info on where the beach is, how to get there, (time and cost) what all is there etc? Thanks!

  6. Hey Tom!
    I am taking my 13 and 15 year old boys on their first cruise and looking for a fun place. What are the different types of activites available at Paradise Beach and the cost? How do we get there? Is there a Paradise Beach web site? Thanx
  7. jlynd53

    jlynd53 Guest

    They do not have a website yet. I will be there in two weeks but this is what I have read. They have chairs and umbrellas, kayaks, a water trampoline and iceberg. All is free except food and drink. I have read that it will be $12/$13 for a cab depending on what pier your ship docks at. It is right next to San Francisco beach that has waverunners for rent. I have also read that you can get beach massages for $1/minute I will give a full report when I get back 3/1! I hope this helps!
  8. pmccue

    pmccue Guest

    HOw far is this from Chatanaub? Park.
  9. Hola Wilson Family...
    jlynd53 gave an excellent and accurate answer, I'll just add that we also have snorkle equipment (refundable deposit required) and that San Fran. beach next door also offers parasailing. Hope to see you soon!

    Paradise Beach is about 3 miles south of Chankanaab, an $8USD cab ride. Have fun!
  10. bimmerlil

    bimmerlil Guest

  11. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    We are taking our first cruise on Carnival Holiday in October, and already have our eyes on Paradise Beach for part/all of our day at Cozumel. My biggest worry is that by then, you'll be so popular -- sounds like a great setting/time -- you'll have instituted an entry fee just to manage the crowds. We're 50ish, and not all that interested in paying for access to toys and activities we're probably not going to use. Please assure us an admission charge is not in the offing.
  12. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    Hi Tom, How is the snorkeling at paradise beach?
  13. JTK

    JTK Guest

    My husband and I just returned from our cruise (Mar6-13), and we stopped a day in Cozumel. Half of that day we spent at Paradise Beach, and let me say that it was perfect! The service was great, and admission was free. We had full use of non-motorized water activities and lounge chairs (with umbrellas!!)!!
    Mind you, the drinks/food got pricey at the end when the bill came, but it was well worth it, and much cheaper than if we were to pay an admission per person!!!
  14. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    did you snorkel? I am looking for a great place to snorkel next time I cruise there
  15. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    Welcome aboard paradise_beach_tom Looks like you can be helpful on the board here.... Oh yea I envy you, working there on the beach!!!

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