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Paradise Beach



My wife and I just got back from the Western Carib.,and one of our stops was at
Paradise Beach. We had a wonderful time there,and even met Tom who I believe
manages the beach.He was great to us.I only regret not having enough time there if anyone has any questions about the beach I will be more than happy to respond

S & J

Hey DantheMan!

Thanks for the offer. We will be in Cozumel in May and can't decide if we should go to Chankanaab Park or Paradise Beach. Any idea how close together they are and if it is possible to do both?



I recently read that the cab fare between the 2 places is $8 - not sure about the distance. My suggestion would be to go to Paradise beach first (because it is free). If you get tired of it then head over to Chank (entry fee is now $12/person). I hope this helps!


We are going to sail the Elation May 16th and are trying to decide between Paradise Beach, Nachi Cocum Beach and going back to Mr Santos beach where we were last summer. Looking for a free beach that doesn't cost a lot in cab fare and has great snorkeling available for a fee. We paid $30 at Mr Santos and it was well worth it!



kind of.

Paradise Beach in the Bahamas runs right up to the backside of Atlantis.

This topic, though, refers to Paradise Beach in Cozumel.

So much Paradise, so little time! :)


Does anyone know how far Paradise Beach in Cozumel is from the port where the cruise ships dock?



Cab ride is $12.00 to Paradise Beach (per cab - not pp). Unfortuantly we didn't get to meet paradise beach Tom last week. We kept looking for him but by 1pm we gave up (arrived about 8:30am).

Tom.. if you read this.. could you answer why my daughter and BF (both college students) were told by a waiter that there was a $15.pp food and drink minimum in order to use the beach chairs? This upset them (I was enjoying the beautiful water at the time and was the $ person). They were afraid he was going to kick them out. Drinks and food purchases are logically expected.. but a minimum required? It would have been nice to know in advance.

Overall a lovely beach with great facilities.


Paradise Beach in Cozumel is a great beach with lots of chairs umbrellas and activities and as folks say it's about a 10-15 minute taxi from any of the ship piers. Not much snorkeling there though since not much coral. You may want to consider a smaller place with great snorkeling at the Dzul Ha Area called PalMar Estate Beach Club.
there is a COUPON on ww.cozumelinsider.com/palmar for free admission.
PalMar Estate has a large freshwater pool, keyed lockers, snorkel equipment, a snack and beverage bar as well as daily lunch specials for about $7. It's only a 5-10 minute taxi from the ship piers and has outstanding snorkeling. Give it a try ~ less money, less crowds ~ great day!
Have fun and enjoy your time in Cozumel!!