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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Ray and Jan, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Ray and Jan

    Ray and Jan Guest

    For all of you first time cruisers, the Paradise is the ship for you. We got back from the Western Caribbean in June and really had a wonderful time. I think the no smoking was the best. The atmosphere was fun yet we always felt like we were able to take a walk and be by ourselves if we wanted to do that. The 7 day cruise itinerary was alternating between days at sea and days in port. We loved that because we never felt like we got too tired. After a fun day at port we had a relaxing day at sea.
  2. We sailed the Paradise last year, want to go back!
  3. duce

    duce Guest

    We are leaving Sunday for a week on the Paradise!! Heard so many nice things about the Paradise. Can't Wait!!!!
  4. Wanda

    Wanda Guest

    We're going in October! I can't wait. First time! What shore excursions would you suggest we do? If you have any suggestions about anything I'm willing to listen!!!!!
  5. ArkJudy

    ArkJudy Guest

    We'll be leaving the week after Duce, and can't wait! Leave her in good shape, Duce!
  6. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    We sailed on the Paradise in May 2000; loved it. Have sailed 3 times on Carnival since then and I must say that while I enjoyed them all, none can compare to the overall cruise experience on the Paradise. Hope to sail on her again in the not too distant future!
  7. Ray and Jan

    Ray and Jan Guest

    This was our first cruise in 10 years so we took all our excursions through Carnival. We were not disappointed. In Cozumel we saw the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. It was very hot, but worth the experience. In the Grand Caymans we took the tour that goes to the Turtle Farm, Hell and Stingray City. Actually Hell was really not anything except a laugh from friends that got postcards addressed from there, but that was really all there was to it. The turtle farm was interesting.....but.....a pretty quick trip. Stingray City is a must. There were a lot of boats there, and the stingrays weren't too hungry, but it was such a neat experience to have them swim by you and brush up against you. We are not swimmers so we didn't really want to be in actually swimming with the stingrays. What we did was just right for us. In Jamaica we went to Brimmer Hall Estates and Dunns River Falls. This was one tour. Brimmer Hall is a working plantation and as a teacher I really enjoyed seeing how many different things are grown. There were only 8 people on this tour so we got a lot of individual attention. Dunns River Falls is a hoot. We wore our water shoes and never felt like we would slip. It was a unforgettable experience. As you can probably tell we really had a great time.
  8. BenC

    BenC Guest

    Hi Ray and Jan-
    I'm 15 and I will be going on the Paradise for my first cruise (WHOO HOO!) in November........I have a question for you. Were there lots of teens on board, or not?

  9. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    BenC, whether or not there will be lots of teens on board depends largely on when you are sailing. Since you mentioned November, I would not expect there to be many teens 18 and under because they will be in school, except for Thanksgiving week; now that might be a different story. I promise you will have a great time regardless.
  10. monty95

    monty95 Guest

    We'll be going on our 1st cruise on the Paradise 12/1/2002 and can't wait. I've learned from posts on various message boards that some excursions are better done on your own. Peat taylor in Ocho Rios has a great 4 1/2 tour for $30 which includes admission into Dunn River Falls and Nativeway Water Sports gets great reviews for Stingray City with a stop at Coral Gardens for snorkling (and some have posted that they stopped at a 3rd spot as an extra). All that for $25 per person. Have both of these booked (no money up front!) and am currently researching Cozumel activities. T-90!
  11. Wanda

    Wanda Guest

    I have Peat Taylor booked as well but what's Nativeway Water Sports? I haven't read anything about this company. Sounds good though. Do you happen to have an email address or website? Thanks in advance.
  12. LuAnn

    LuAnn Guest

    when in Oct are you sailing? We are going 10/13 out of Miami to Eastern Carribean. This will be our 3rd Carnival cruise. We are doing all our shore excursions on our own. I have gotten lots of information off this chat board and also cruise critic board. We fly down from Charlotte the day before our cruise as not to be too rushed. Can't wait!!! Only 33 days to go. YEAH! Hope you are sailing with us.
  13. wanda

    wanda Guest

    We are going October 20 on the Western cruise. I have been counting down the days forever it seems! I now have two tours booked; Paet Taylor and Nativeway Water Sports.
    Have a great cruise!
  14. Butch

    Butch Guest

    My wife and I will be on the cruise with you on Oct. 20.
  15. Paul Powell

    Paul Powell Guest

    We are also going on 12/1 and have Peat booked already but nothing else. Anyone have a web site for Nativeway Water Sports?

    Will look forward to hearing from someone????


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