Paris ship excursions...



I'm posting this on the European port boards too but trying to catch info here. Anyone ever done or heard opinions on these tours? We walked all over Paris but did it in ten days, not in such a short day.

A friend is trying to book an excursion from an RCCL ship and is trying to make a choice to see as much as possible. They'd like to see the Eiffel Tower and of course the Notre Dame walk is possible and to see the sites in between but can they do it in time allowed and what if the weather is bad.......thus....choice of two tours.

One is a city tour and drop off to walk around town by themselves for 3 and a half hours (we still haven't figured out what they mean by centre of the city so we can figure out what they could see). To get from the Eiffel Tower to anywhere else and back again in that relatively short time to catch the bus could be dicey and won't allow any time for entrances to buildings.

The other is a full day city tour with a lunch cruise on the Seine. There is only a brief stop at the Eiffel Tower so no time to go up. I have suggested this one as the cruise is a gorgeous thing to do in itself in Paris and you are getting nourished while you sightsee which saves time seeking somewhere if you walk around. A shame about not going up the Eiffel Tower but I don't think there is enough time in either if they plan to see as much as possible. Also, the guides will be in English so they will relax and take in the sights.

Any feedback is appreciated!