Parking New Orleans Port?


Dec Cru

We will be leaving from New Orleans on Grandeur Dec 11. Where do you park? If you get a hotel the night before can you park there all week? Any recommended CHEAP hotels :) (Would rather spend my money in the caribbean!!!) How much to park?

We are close enough to drive down same day (6-7hours), but if we can board early?? (we depart at 5) we might get there the day before so we can board about 11?? from what I have read here.

Can you tell I'm new at this and confused?

Any and all experience and advice please!


Here's a link with all the information you'll needed. I'm also pasting some of the info from that link. orleans_01.html

Two Julia Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130


Parking Fees
On Site Parking: Parking in this lot is $12 per day for the length of voyage. Cost is $84 for a seven day cruise, cash only on arrival, no credit cards, no checks, no reservations, no refunds for early departure. RV's pay according to number of spaces occupied (i.e., two spaces equal $168).
Off Site Parking: $12 per day.

Parking Information
- On-Site Parking: Immediately adjacent to the cruise terminal, the Port operates a patrolled, fenced, and lighted outside parking lot (no height restrictions) for cruise passengers only, for length of voyage only.
- Off-Site Parking: The Port has reached agreements with the following private lots along Convention Center Blvd. that will charge cruise passengers the Port's rate of $12 per day: Fulton Street Garage: Convention Center Blvd. and North Diamond St. - covered parking, pay on departure - must show cruise ticket upon entering - shuttle bus back to terminal. Whale Lot: Convention Center Blvd. and Julia St. - outside lot, pay on departure - must show proof of cruise and give baggage tag - adjacent to Terminal 2 and two blocks from Terminal 1. Hilton Hotel Lot: Convention Center Blvd., adjacent to Whale Lot - covered parking, pay on departure - must show proof of cruise and give baggage tag - one black from Terminal 2 and three blocks from Terminal 1. WTC Lot: Poydras St. adjacent to Hilton Hotel - covered parking, pay on departure.

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A word of advise; if you wish to access the on-site parking area, arrive early. I usually arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 and have no problem. This lot fills rapidly. If you arrive after 1:00PM, you may have to use off-site parking. As for hotels/motels, the most economical route may be to stay in Slidell pre cruise. There are several more than adequate motels (LaQuinta, Holiday, Inn, etc.) and it's less than a 30 minute drive to the port. If you really want to stay near the French Quarter, try and see what you come up with. Early Dec. may be a good time to find a bargain since not a lot is going on that time of year.


My advice to you, which you may already know, is make sure there isn't anything enticing left in view inside your car. It's not the safest of places. You'll definitely want to park it in a very secure place. My sister lives there, and has had her car broken into several times and came home the other day to find someone stealing the shingles off of her house.

Be careful.

Dec Cru

Oh my! I had even considered safety issues. Surely the parking has security! Especially if I'm gonna have to pay 12 bucks a day!!! that's high! Maybe some hotels offer parking if we decide to stay the night before.


We stayed at a hotel, parked there for free, got a limo ride to the ship and back.


We have left our car at the port several times. It is secure parking. Our friends left theirs in the Fulton street garage and even with shuttling to the garage and back they were faster and the Fulton garage is inside. There is a height problem there however, so if car is high might be best at pier.


BamaBelle Wrote:
> Searcher,
> What hotel was it?

It was one of the "choice" chain hotels on St. Charles Street. Let me dig about and get the info. If not into staying at a Sleep inn, Comfort inn etc. it wont be for you. Be aware that even "cheap" motels, in safe areas, close to the pier are going to be a bit pricey but worth it considering the above "safe, close, and on St. Charles". :)