Parking on Pier 35 in San Francisco--Questions!



We are cruising on Princess in February. Since we live nearby, we are planning on parking at Pier 35 in San Francisco. Will it be a hassle there to park, bring the luggage that will be checked to the porters and then go back to the car to get carry-ons, etc.? Because of arthritis, I cannot walk too far and wanted to see exactly how far we might expect to be walking from the parking lot on Pier 35 to the ship itself.
The ship sails at 5pm and they said we could board around Noon. What time do you think is the best time to show up to avoid as much congestion/standing around as possible? Right at Noon? Later?
Any other comments about parking at Pier 35?


I have posted a similar question on parking in
San Francisco but have recieved on replies.
we are leaving on the Dawn on Nov 30th for ten days
When i return i will tell you how the parking went


Thanx for looking into the parking issue Flexoman as we are looking at a cruise out of San Fran in 2007 possibly. :thumb



Gees, you guys, you should have asked me about parking at the pier for cruises. I live a hop, skip and a jump from the pier, and we took a cruise from Pier 35 in June. Here is a link to parking info. When we sail from Pier 35 for our two dayer C2N, we took BART into the city, and took the old time street cars along the Embarcadero to Pier 35! That was pretty nice, I must say!

Carolsue, this info will be appropriate for you.

Flexoman and E/Red, depending on where you stay in town, you would probably be able to get a shuttle to the pier from your hotel.

Hey, any other questions about SF, just ask me!


If we were flying into SFO and staying in hotel we would not need parking.
I found some hotels that will let you park for free if you stay overnight and they do have shuttles to the pier but on your return you need to get a cab back and most appear to be pretty far away.
We are driving to SFand need to park at the Embarcadero parking lot, we want to know exactly what the charges will be and if you must pay cash in advance and if you could make a resevation.
I was able to call the garage and talk with an attendent last week he told me that you must pay cash, no checks no credit cards. You must pay in advance and if you tell them you are parking for a cruise you will get a slighty discounted rate. You must tell them in advance and I was able to get him to say he could save me two spaces, but he only took my first name I doubt if they really are saved for me.
He also said that the parking garage is 100 steps from the pier 35.
It looks like it is off of Kearny St on Fransico about three block on the south side of the embarcadero
It also sounds like you need to pay for 11 days at about 12.00 a day.


In San Pedro, we stayed at a place that not only stored our car for free, but took us (and a lot others) to the pier and picked us up when the cruise was over. I would like to think that as SF becomes a stronger embarkation port, the hotels around here will pick up on that.
We always take the Sonoma Airporter for $64 round trip. We load our luggage and don't see it again until it's in our cabin.
Limo's or private car services are an option. Pay someone, a neighbor or friend, to drop you off and pick you up.