Passion Island VS Playa Mia (Cozumel)



So my cruise leaves in 20 days; my wife and I just booked a Playa Mia Deluxe excursion; but now I'm reading Passion Island trumps it and goes for the same cost (not via Carnival...since it's not an excursion offered by Carnival).

Any Pro's/Con's from someone whom has been to either beaches?

Should I cancel my Playa Mia excursion and go with Passion Island instead?


We did the Playa Mia excursion 2 year ago and LOVED it. It is very relaxing, the water was so calm, no waves. I remember thinking it was cleaner than I expected. We took our own snorkel gear and snorkeled and relaxed in the hammocks, a bunch of people got together and had a water balloon game my husband even participated (and he is not a joiner). I remember the food was good, not great, but acceptable. Our day was cut short because a storm came in rather suddenly, but all in all it was a great day and we are planning on going back when we go in November.


My wife and I have been to both. Passion Island with the family (Dec 2007) and Playa Mia (April 2008) just the two of us.

In both places we met some great people (both locals from Cozumel and as well as vacationers from all over) but we met more people who weren't from the cruise ship at Playa Mia and that made it more enjoyable.

Although we liked both (and would recommend both) to us Passion Island was like a day trip to a secluded island while Playa Mia was like being at an all inclusive resort. For us Playa Mia was much more enjoyable over all and much easier to get to from the cruise dock so we could spend more time there without worrying about getting back on time.