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I have a question about passports. I have heard pros and cons about taking your passports with you when you go ashore in Europe if you are an American. I was always told never to take your passport with you and leave it in your cabin safe. I do make copies and leave one at home and take a copy with me and keep it with my plane tickets, etc.

Can someone please tell me what the correct procedure is? I have been told that the basis for taking the passport with you when ashore is if something happened (such as an accident, etc.) you have proof you are an American. If you did not have your passport with you, it would be more difficult to prove your identity and you may possibly be detained in the particular country. Someone also suggested scanning a copy of your passport in sending to your email box so if you had a problem you could retrieve the copy from your email.

I would be very worried about the passport getting stolen by a pickpocketer. I have been reading on a lot of different cruise boards that you have to be careful about carrying your handbag, etc.

Thanks for everyone's input.


I have made 4 trips to Europe, and always carry my passport when out. It is an official document, and will not be questioned, should something happen to you and you need identification.

As far as pickpockets, just be certain to keep it in a zipped pocket. I usually keep mine in my backpack. Just watch your surroundings, and everything should be fine.


I always make a color copies of my passport and keep one in each of my suitcases or carry on bags.
That way if something happens I can always run to the consulate or embassy and get a new one quickly.
BTW you can also email a scan of the inside to yourself too.

Jersey Joe

I understand that some cruise ships keep your passport until you depart????
When ever I have traveled (not cruises) I always kept my passport, air tickets and excess money in the hotel safe. I never carried more than I was willing to have taken.
Jersey Joe


When you travel to aboard the first important thing is our passport. So everyone keep the passport with in his body is safe.This is my suggestion.don't keep in the cabin because its possible to theft and first we need to note down the passport number this is very very important.


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