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Does anyone know if RCCL runs your daily charges to your credit card at the end of each day or at the end of the cruise? I know on Disney that they run all of your charges at the end of the cruise, rather than at the end of each day. My wife and I are debating whether to use our credit card or debit card and, this may sound lazy, but we would rather make one entry into our checking account rather than 7 different ones. So, if RCCL runs charges on a daily basis, we will probably use our credit card. I spoke to a RCCL rep who said that charges were run on a daily basis, but she put me on hold three times so I'm not sure that she understood my question. Thanks for your assistance.


We sailed on RCCL a few months ago and they gave us one bill on the last night of the trip. We didn't even have to do anything if it was correct...they automatically charged it to our card without any problems...just the one charge.


Credit limit is verified every night...if new charges will not go through .. you will be asked to supply a different /additional card.

Little Irene

As Seadog said, they may check every night to see if you have enough credit, but they don't charge it that way. I get one "bulk" charge to my visa on the last day of the trip, not 7 inidividual ones.


From experience, debit cards to not have the same protection against fraudulent charges, and billing errors that credit cards do. Use your credit card and pay when you get home. That way if there are any discrepances you are not out the money while the issue is being resloved. Why ruin a great vacation!