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Penthouse cabins

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by So. Cal. Cruiser, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. So. Cal. Cruiser

    So. Cal. Cruiser Active Member

    I have previously sailed on the Sun in a penthouse cabin. I chose this because it not only a large cabin but the balcony was huge. A had a few problems. We had was severe wind while at sea which prevented us from keeping the balcony door open. We also were asked by the crew in the bridge to close our drapes at night because the lights in our room reflected on the windows on the bridge. We also could not turn on the balcony light at night. Has anyone else experienced this on other ships? I currently have a penthouse on the Star, deck 10 and would like to know if I will experience the same problems. Are the aft cabins better??
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    I had an AC cabin on the Jade (a sister to the Star). I was on deck nine, which has a larger overhang, which might make a difference. The cabin was nice and the balcony was huge.

    I could open the front door anytime I wanted, as long as the entry door was closed. If you have a tail wind, you will not feel much wind at all. If you are going 20 knots into a 20 knot wind, well, it will be windy, but only near the front rail. Back by the door (outside, but by the door) it does not get as windy.

    I knew about the light issue. I just reduced the lights inside the cabin. When in doubt, I would stand in the door way. If I could not see my shadow on the deck, then I knew I was fine. As a result I never received any calls. I don't believe my balcony had an exterior light.

    The aft cabins are the same size, but the balconies are much smaller.

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