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:phone ROLL CALL: Post a REPLY and Say Hello!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Howard

    Howard Guest

    Hi, I'm Howard from the Philly area. Our next cruise is on the brand new Crown Princess in July. It will be the 3rd cruise this ship takes. It's beginnig to get close.X(
  2. TerryO

    TerryO Guest

    This is Randy and Terry checking in from Roanoke, VA.
  3. TinaLee

    TinaLee Guest

    TinaLee and David checking in from Orlando, FL (The House of Mouse). Closing in on 30 cruises, and we sail in just about 2 weeks aboard Caribbean Princess for the 2nd time. :wave
  4. txladybug

    txladybug Guest

    Hey my name is Margie. I am taking my 3rd cruise in Sept on the Conquest. I am so excited, wish it was here now. I live in Northwest Houston. Hello to everyone.....
  5. bootyk21

    bootyk21 Guest

    hello ther everyone my name is Billie kay Dugger and I am from Springfield Illinois, I am a cruise addict, I have not scheduled a cruise yet but I am planning on one real soon. I need a vacation. I do not know realy what to add to the site other than I was looking for a community of support for everything, and I think that I have found it right here, thank you all in advance. I was diagnosed with diabetice just three months ago, and I had been tested all along but all of a sudon it came up on me, and my health is failing, I am scared, cause Iam loosing my memory, and what is weird is that I can remember that I do not remember. sounds funny but true. So I want to get out and see the world before I loose it completely. but I pray every day that I am thankful to have been healthy as many years as I was . Thank you for listing to me. and please say a prayer for me .

    Blessed Be
    Billie Kay Dugger
  6. joycie

    joycie Guest

    Hi. My name is Joyce and live in western Pennsylvania. I am new to this site and am excited to be joining your community. I have been on a few cruises, the first being in 1984 when my husband and I went on a cruise for our 10th wedding anniversary. I was hooked. We went on two more, the last one being in 1999 to celebrate our 25th anniversary with 8 friends. Little did I know ( or anyone else ) that just a few days after returning from that cruise, my husband died unexpectedly. I am so glad we had our trip. I am on a widowed support site and met many wonderful people and took two cruises with them. Two years ago, I met a a loving widower and we eventually went on a 3 day cruise ( his first ). But, our luggage didn't make it till the end of our second day! Soooo, we want to take a cruise will our luggage this time and are thinking of leaving from Philly in October to go to Bermuda. Anyone been there at that time of year? We will be driving to port WITH our luggage.

  7. Tdhensch

    Tdhensch Guest

    Hi All

    I have been reading this tread but I supose I should post (finally), My name is Tom and I am from Minneapolis, Mn. My ife (Darlene) got back from our first cruise in Feb 06. Really not sure if we liked it so have decide to take another just to be sure <G>. He are hoping to go again in Feb 07 and then again Feb 08, do I see a pattern developing here, oh well. Not sure where we will be going anybody have suggestions we would sure appreciate it.

  8. flbratt

    flbratt Guest

    My name Trish and I'm a Cruise@ddict from Sunny New Port Richey, Florida.

    We are planning a new cruise to Hawaii in July!
  9. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    Mike from Harvey, LA. Eight miles from where the Conquest docks, but will have to just look at her on the cam until June 2007. Been on this board now for 2 years. Only been on 6 cruises. High school teacher.
  10. tdubya

    tdubya Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Willy and Tammie saying hello from the Bay Area. My husband and I will be going on our next cruise in June, which will be our 5th cruise.we are cruising on the brand new FREEDOM OF THE SEA....Whoo Hoo!! we can't wait!!!! anyone else going on that date???
  11. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Now that I am back online!
    Hello from Charleston SC. :)
  12. sfield101

    sfield101 Guest

    Hello fellow cruise@ddicts-
    Checking in after a long break from the message board. Can't wait to catch up on eveyone's cruise news. I'm reporting in from the San Francisco Bay Area. Counting the days until my Nov. 11, 2006 14 day cruise on the Sea Princess. It's been a couple of years since my last voyage so, need I say more? Anyone out there sailing on the same cruise????
  13. CruzNut

    CruzNut Guest

    Hi, everyone. My name is Jeff and I live in Tamarac, Florida, with my dog, Marley. Just completed my 60th cruise.
  14. smayoga

    smayoga Guest

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are planning our second cruise to Alaska this summer. We went last year by ourselves but this year we have our parents, 2 children and our Grandmother. We plan the usual stops in Ketchikan, Sitka, and, Juneau. If anyone want information on excursions in these town we had some fantastic experiences. All for now, Aaron
  15. Likes2cruz

    Likes2cruz Guest

    Just returned from a 14 day cruise on the Sea Princess. OK--the cruise was completed on April 8th, I flew back home on the 11th--then there was Easter....you know how it goes. Now that I've finally fought my way through all the laundry--thought it was time to get back on the boards.

    My husband and I live in Iowa. We share our house with a shepherd/husky named Max and a black cat named Rocky who is the "boss" of us all. We have a grown (and unmarried) son living in St. Louis. I've been cruising since 1986--first cruise was with my husband and son--all other cruises since then have been taken with my mother.

    Mom and I were on the Cl@ss cruise in 2005--certainly enjoyed meeting all the other Cruise @ddicts on board.

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