Photos of passengers with mixed drinks on balconies


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If no beverage, even water is allowed to be brought on board and RC's drink packages only have wine and juices why do some photos show passengers on their balconies with mixed drinks? Are passengers allowed to purchase drinks at a bar on board and bring them to their balconies? Now, I have not looked in the past month or so for such photos but usually there are smiling folks on balconies with what appear to be wine and mixed drinks. I know there are wine packages for purchase I but have not seen anything for stronger alcoholic drinks. Is this just RC's advertising folks not understanding ship policy or does RC prefer using conflicting and incorrect advertising to make cruising seem more attractive? For me they are making it less and less attractive.


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Mary Ann & Pucci -- I am not being a smart a** but have you ever witnessed it happening or known of someone to get caught? Seriously, I do know that people do get caught but I wonder how often and if they are stupid or careless. I am not about to fill an empty mouthwash bottle with green gin and will not tempt fate but in talking to many cruisers (including a coworker who just returned from one today) it seems that more smuggle alcohol than do not and I have yet to read a first hand account or talk to someone about getting caught. Besides the idea of green gin turns me off:)! Happy cruising!


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Napoleon, I have seen people get caught for trying to bring liquor onboard a couple of times here in Europe. Maybe they didn't do it good enough, but... :huh:
As for the figures of more than 50% smuggling alcohol I have no facts but I hardly believe that.

Mary Ann, maybe Pucci can sniff for smuggled alcohol? :biggrin:



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Napoleon - welcome to Cruise @ddicts. Getting caught varies widely and can depend on the port, the attitude of Security/Customs that particular day and if "smuggling" has been pretty active. Being a new member here, you would have no way of knowing that I've been cruising and crossing for quite a long period of time - almost 62 years to be exact. So I've seen lots of things happen. I have friends who've had liquor confiscated from their luggage - both checked (yes, luggage goes through x-ray machines at the pier) and carry-ons. Tends to happen more often at the piers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and San Pedro. Yes, there are many who don't get caught, but some who do. Some cruise lines allow you to bring wine and champagne aboard, others do not.

Erik - are you hinting that Pucci should sniff and turn me in if I decide to bring liquor on board? :biggrin:


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I have had airplane size bottles, shorts, drywall screws, 6" pliers removed from my luggage. Two different cruise lines. The liquor was returned the last night of the cruise. The pliers, drywall screws were snailed mailed back to me, 6 months later. The shorts...well hopefully someone is enjoying them.

At the time, the cruise line denied searching my luggage. A notification of sorts was not placed in my luggage, so I had no idea where to even point the finger :). I went to front desk first and was going to deal with the airlines once I got home.

for the record, the liquor was in my checked luggage. They were in a separate bag along with a can of shaving cream, shampoo, sun screen, aloe, hand sanitizer. Was I stupid or careless???? Well, that depends on how you want to look at it. At least the bottles did not break and get all over someone else's clothes.

I agree with Mary Ann, that being searched and caught is a hit or miss.

Now for the original comment/post..... I have bought mixed drinks/beer buckets from the bars numerous times, brought it back to my cabin and have enjoyed plenty of beverages on my balcony.
I've seen a number of folks with mixed drinks on their balconies and assumed they picked up their drinks at the bar and then went to their balcony. But on my last cruise the people who had my cabin before me obviously did smuggle booze on b/c there was one of those plastic thingies that you fill with booze left in the cooler when I boarded. It was bourbon, not my drink of choice, so I gave to the cabin attendant who was a bit embarrassed that it hadn't been found during cleaning.

I think the best smuggling idea I ever saw was the 12 pack of soda in a carton. The two ends each had two cans of soda but the middle section of the carton was filled with 8 cans of beer. The passengers were in a large group and each person brought on a 12-pack of "soda."


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Belated thanks all. I was mostly curious. No immediate cruise plans and I have no issue buying a few drinks on the ship. I like the bar atmosphere on RC's ships and socializing is a big part of the cruise fun. And, smuggling would make me a tad nervous. Worry should not be part of a cruise even the embarkation process.


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We have brought liquor on every cruise we have takes 6 so far . Buy the rum runner kits and all will arrive in tact . Also cabin matters . We were on carnival in a aft wrap and we asked our cabin attendant to bring fresh ice each day to make drinks with the liquor we brought on board sitting out with no problems same on royal .


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Never have smuggled, or ever will, but of course you can bring purchased drinks back to your cabin. With that question I can only assume that you have never cruised before?