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Pictures - label, scapbook or ...?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Debbie, May 2, 2001.

  1. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    What does everyone do with all these cruise pictures? I have a ton! My friend said she was going to scrapbook her pictures and thow out the ones she didn't do - do you know how long that would take on 12 cruises and some land trips?!!! Throw out any picture? You've got to be kidding! What do you guys do?? Thanks, Debbie
  2. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    Scrapbooks, pictures labeled many with the cruise papers inserted.

  3. Bensley's

    Bensley's Guest

    Scrapbooks with menus added, some receipts for different things.
    Cruise card, misc info booklets, etc.
    And an album full of photos of each cruise.

    As cruiseaholic said - Get to work.
    I would regret throwing away any photos, even from a bad cruise.
  4. LisaL

    LisaL Guest

    Definitely SCRAPBOOK!! It's so much nicer looking at pics in a scrapbook. Plus when you make your books, think of all those wonderful cruise memories you get to re-live again!! :)

    LisaL :)
  5. TAO

    TAO Guest

    Agree with all above, I use a separate book for each cruise or extended land trip. I also save the daily bulletins and momentos and put them in same book.
  6. DougH

    DougH Guest

    After each cruise all the photos go into an album. I also keep a small box (9x12x3)
    with all the stuff I accumulate from each trip. All documents, daily logs, shore handouts, used baggage tags,airline tickets photo negatives and any thing that was collected on the trip go into the box. Each box is labeled with date, ship name and itineary then stacked in the closet.

    These make great reference sources for future cruises and an easy way to answer questions as all the material is collected in one spot.

    For the RSMC I made up a "highlight" album of some of my favorite pictures from each cruise to show around. These were puleld from each individual album but I plan to start a permanent one to have available to show around easily.

    One problem is that I didn't anticipate taking so many cruises and the pile of boxes is starting to get rather large. LOL Have to remember this is a good problem :)

  7. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    I'm thankful for this post. It made me realize I have all of my cruise pics, daily programs, etc., thrown in a junk drawer. And, I have more pictures to pick up this evening. I'm definitely going to buy a scrapbook for each cruise, and get them organized. Thanks for the reminder Debbie!
  8. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    Do all of you follow the scrapbook rules - as in spraying the pieces on paper with a preserver that won't hurt the pictures it touches? Cruiseaholic - I read you have been on 40 cruises! How do you do all of them?????? I have a separate file in the file cabinet with each cruise labeled for all the extra paper accumulated. Has anyone thought to make a table with a bunch of cruise memorabelia (luggage tags - custom reports) on top and then laminated?? I thought this would be a good idea - Carnival cruise lines does something like this on the Jubilee with brochures and adds and menus from such lines as Lusitania, Queen Mary etc... It is really neat and in their pizza place... I think Celebration does it too... :) Debbie
  9. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    I have a photo album/scrap book combo from each cruise which includes every scrape of information I pick up in each port of call, daily ships newspapers etc. The one I am working on now for our Hawaiian Cruise in 2002 will also include a seperate book with all my research! I never did that before. Even for my short 2 day cruise I have a short (small) book.

    DeniseZ B)
  10. DougH

    DougH Guest

    Actually that's an interesting idea about the table. Of course then I'd have to find a spot for the table..............:)

  11. Donna

    Donna Guest

    I do the scrap book album thing. Each trip gets it own book with everything from that trip. You would be surprised how many times I have gone back and looked at them and gotten information from them.

    Of course, I have a book for every grand child also. When they turn 18 - they get their book.

    Good Luck
  12. LisaL

    LisaL Guest

    I don't use any archival sprays on my memorabilia....that would cost a small fortune to spray all the stuff I keep!! :) I just try to keep those types of things away from my pictures...either on a separate page or in page pockets.
    Have fun!! :)
  13. Olga

    Olga Guest

    I've gotten into the habit of immediately putting the photos into a sleeve-type album and storing the negatives in boxes labeled accordingly. If I have the time and inclination, I do my own comical "photo blurbs" for each picture.

    A friend (actually my husband's ex-coworker's wife) who occasionally cruised with us has NEVER taken a camera on vacation (only owns a Polaroid) and doesn't bother with pics on any vacation. So she doesn't have a problem with album storage and organization. She says if it's in her memory, that's all that counts. I was shocked the first time she told us, but now I realize "to each his own."
  14. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    Olga - My hubby wouldn't put the video camera down the first couple cruises - I got so mad I could have thrown it overboard - I'm there to live not watch other people have fun on film later! So I can understand a little...I don't think I could do without the camera though - We did an awesome scuba dive in Cozumel and the camera felt funny underwater - when we got out and check my hubby hadn't taken taken the lens cover off or some such as to where the pictures wouldn't turn out - he was so mad - I just figure we will have to do the dive again!!! :)

    Thank you Lisa - I was wondering about buying all that spray - you are right I should just keep them away from the pictures - Thank you all for all your comments!!! I'll start getting busy - I have one and a half weeks till I'll have to start again - Elation May 13th!
  15. judy

    judy Guest

    I use a book for photos..when we take them. All other trip "junk" goes in plastic bags from the port or country we visted. We have a cabinet with shelves and I just store them in there. If I need some info for China for a student or friend, I just pull the bag and everything is there. I also have a video archive for the major trips. I will buy books from some places and we have them on our library shelves with all travel related books.
    Most cruise now we don't bother with repeating photos of places we've been before, just new ones.
    Smooth sailing
  16. o2cruise

    o2cruise Guest

    I use the scrapbook idea. I've gotten into a group called "Creative Memories" yup, the "expensive way to preserve those memories" but I really enjoy it. Good stress reliever. I finally even separated all my pictures trips, family, cruise (all 1 of them) soon to be 2! into plastic bins, and then use a table to work from. Save a lot of tickets, daily planners, etc. They're great to look back on a remember what you did!
  17. Debbie

    Debbie Guest


    My friend roped me into going to a scrapbook class with her at a scrap book store. I've heard of Creative Memories too. My friend wanted someone to scrapbook with. So far I've only done the two framed pictures on the hall wall that have friends and family in them - the slotted kind where the pictures don't fit right in the slots so I made them like scrap book pages and framed them. One lady said she did one book for each child and gave it to them at their wedding - one lady here posted she gave them to them when 18. Those are priceless! I guess I should get my mom in it and maybe she will make me one! :) Debbie

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