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Pinnacle Grill

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by wendyandbarry, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. sage

    sage Guest

    I looked at the menu for the new Pinnacle Grill, and I just have one question. What happened to my wonderful chocolate mouse dessert that was offered for dessert in the old Odyssey? I'm not sure I can handle them changing my dessert, but I guess since it will be a while before my turn to cruise, I will have time to adjust.
  2. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Or time to 'discuss' this with HAL, Sage. Please get it back on the menu by 4/3.
  3. sage

    sage Guest

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that will miss this particular dessert. I will also miss the "grande finale", the wonderful selection of most of the desserts offered. Yes, something must be done.
  4. jerzigal

    jerzigal Guest

    sage and peaches,

    You won't miss it once you taste the Grand Marnier Chocolate Volcano Cake...it is to die for. I'm a confirmed chocoholic and I loved it.

    The Not So Classic Baked Alaska ain't to shabby, either! :thumb

    I am thrilled to read that the Pinnacle Grill will be on the Rotterdam when we sail her in May and October. We've had the pleasure of dining in one on the Ryndam, and I immediately fell in love with it. It's well worth the extra charge, especially if you like your beef seared on the outside, but "blue" in the middle. I was in heaven! :angel

    MARKandROGER Guest

    So, I guess this means that the excellent Italian food everyone raved about before is gone? :(
  6. Thank You Judi.
    I have just got off the phone with my T/A, and she is getting two Res. for us on our September trip on the Amsterdam, one with the Group, and one just for Wendy and I on Dutch night. Just not into the Dutch food, and have enough hats.

  7. jerzigal

    jerzigal Guest


    Thanks for the reminder....we're not into Dutch night either...that'll be ANOTHER great night for the Pinnacle Grill. :thumb :thumb

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Okay, what is Dutch night?
    and Barry what do you mean you got your TA to make res? Can you make reserations for the alternate restaurant BEFORE you get on board?

  9. Hi again Mark
    On my first post on the start of this thread, there is a link to the HAL site. If you follow that link it will tell you all about the Restaurant, and have two links on the bottom of that page, one will give you a copy of the Menu, and the other will give you a order form from Ship Services, and you can sign up for the restaurant on that form, but like you I am in Suite and we have a party of 12 in six cabins so I have my T/A do the work.

  10. MARKandROGER

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Thanks Barry,

    I had looked at this link before (thanks to you), but I did not see the Alternative Dining option at tha time. Now that I revisit it I see it. :)

    As Roger and I are in a PH Suite, is it necessary to make the reservation in advance, or should we let the concierge do it when we get on the ship?

    We were thinking of doing the alternative dining room whenever there was a "formal night". But since we don't know the formal nights, we don't know when to book.

    What do you think?
    Any suggestions?

  11. John & Kathy

    John & Kathy Guest

    We ate in the Pinnacle Grill on 2 occasions on our Sea of Cortez cruise last November. All I can say about the food is wow!! A number of people were beefing about the $15pp service charge and saying they would never pay extra to have a meal. Well all I can say about that is fine and dandy as it just makes it easier for us. The wife and her sister are doing Alaska in September and they are already planning at least 2 evenings of fabulous dinning in the Pinnacle Grill. And I'll be left home babysitting the cat and the mutt and oh so envious:>(
  12. Mark:
    Have your T/A do this,and make sure she get's this confirmed somehow.
    Dutch Night is dutch food night, they give you a dutch hat to ware and sing dutch songs. Wendy and I do not care all that much for there food, some people do.


    Post Edited (03-19-03 14:43)
  13. jerzigal

    jerzigal Guest

    John and Kathy,

    The Ryndam is where we ate TWICE in the Pinnacle Grill.

    The first night, we were treated by a friend. Many of us were saying quietly that we would never pay to eat there.

    About half way through the appetizer course, we decided we wanted to come back the following evening! :grin
  14. I just found out, that HAL is going to keep the old name's of the Alternate Restaurants, and just change the Menu. This will make more sense, because if they want to change again, all they have to do is change the Menu.
    Someone back at HAL has finely taken his head out, Bravo for them.

  15. sage

    sage Guest

    Are we limited to how many nights that we can dine in the alternative restaurant? When we were last aboard the Rotterdam, we ate there twice, but once was at the suite dinner. I'm looking forward to the new menu, even if they did take away the chocolate mouse.
  16. You are in a PH right, do you think they are going to tell you no.

  17. sage

    sage Guest


    Point well taken. Thank you very much. Now can anyone tell me about the volcano cake?
  18. peaches

    peaches Guest


    I am packing for the 4/3 Rotterdam. I know the prescribed wardrobe for the different kind of nights, but if the suite dinner is held on a casual or informal night which I presume it is and not a formal night, do ladies get a little more dressy for the suite dinner than they would in the regular dining room for that particular kind of night? I want to be sure I take enough approriate clothes and not too many casual outfits if suite activities will call for something a little more on the dressy side. Thanks. I presume men would wear tie and jacket to suite dinner? Anything else I should know about dressing for my first suite experience on HAL?

  19. You know Sage you have made me remember what the difference is between a S Suite and a PH Suite. In the S Suite they say " we will see that is done for you" ,and in the PH Suite they say " yes sir" and it is done. ha ha ha


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