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Pinnacle Grill

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by wendyandbarry, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. sage

    sage Guest


    First let me say that I'm envious that you are packing and leaving so soon, but I'm glad that you are going to go and have a wonderful time and then tell us all about the voyage when you return. When we were on the Rotterdam in December, the suite dinner was held on a formal night in the Odyssey with drinks before in the Piano bar, and if I'm not mistaken, I believe it was the second formal night, and a sea day as well. We were also guest of the Captain at his table, and it came as a complete surprise when he came in and sat next to me. The suite luncheon was held in the Crow's Nest, and it was resort casual.
  2. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest


    My experience has always been that the Officers' Suite Dinners are held on formal nights.

  3. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Thanks to you both for the info. I'm taking plenty of clothes, but didn't want to be underdressed for the Capt.'s dinner if I went too casual and everyone else turned it into a 4th formal night. Can the concierge tell you when you get on the ship what each night is- like when the Suite Dinner is, when the 2 informal nights are as I think those might be good ones to book the Pinnacle, etc. or do you have to wait for the daily schedule thing to come out? Why am I sure the concierge can tell you anything you want to know almost before you ask? I am getting very excited! We are the ones that had to cancel the R'dam at shipside on the day of our cruise in Feb.- my Dad got very sick. He has since passed away after 8 years of Alzheimers, so we are going to go on this cruise, rest, relax, and savor every minute of it. And yes, our travel insurance paid us 100%.
  4. Hi Peaches:
    Here is the Phone number for Ship Services 1-800-541-1576, give them your booking number and they will answer your Questions for which night is which, and they may even have the info about the Captains Dinner/Lunch.

    Have a safe voyage, and let us know all about it when you come back.

  5. sage

    sage Guest


    The Concierge has the answers to all of your questions and some you may not have even thought of yet. They also have little sewing kits, and bandaids, and safety pins, can change bills for you, so you don't have to stand in line at the information desk, and so many other things that I could go on and on. They even have the port shopping person come to the Neptune Lounge so that you get your own private little shopping talk, and best of all, you get to see and handle up close the jewelry. Our person also met us at the shop to make sure that we got the item at the price she had quoted. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's passing, and I also know some of what you may have experienced, as my Dad has the same illness. So now enjoy your cruise and have a piece of chocolate for me in the Neptune Lounge.
  6. gizmo

    gizmo Guest


    Recently on the Volendam, I read there was NO SUITE DINNER, instead they handed out a coupon when you checked in to eat in the Pinnacle Grill on the first night of the cruise. I do not know if Hal is doing this on all ships.

    MARKandROGER Guest


    I called Holland America and they booked our table in the alternate restuarant on the nights we wanted. We had to pay US 20.00 per person up front on the phone.

    This was after I contacted the ships co-ordinator for the Rotterdam, and she advised me to NOT wait until getting on the ship, but to book before sailing.

    We could make as many reservations as we wanted. I don't know if that was because we are in a PH or if that is their policy.

    We made two nights reservations. And they told me that we can switch these nights (if space is available) to other nights once we are on board. So at least we have two nights booked, and when on board if it doesn't suit us, we will try to switch with the conceierge. Being in one of the PH I hope that the answer will be "YES SIR - and it will be done", just like Barry said.

    They actually called the ship while I was on the phone and found out that the ship for our May 23rd sailing, did not yet know which dates were Formal Night, but they told me that I can always call back later, and change the alternate nights before sailing (subject to availablity of course).

    As many on this board have said,I have experieinced that as PH passanger, things seem to happen, but Barry it was not YES SIR, it was, "one moment please" and it was done!
  8. peaches

    peaches Guest

    I hope that they are stlll holding the suite dinner and have not substituted a coupon for the first night in the alternative restaurant on the Rotterdam, too, as the previous poster commented re the Volendam. I certainly don't find a coupon for $20 comparible to a special event like a lovely dinner with the captain and I would imagine other ship's officers. Plus, first night I like to meet and get acquainted with our tablemates, dining personnel, regular waiter, etc. in the regular dining room on a casual night after a busy day.

    In any case I'm not going to worry about having a problem getting a reservation in the Odyssey when we want it- suite passengers are given priority and it doesn't sound from the many many posts read here or on the CC board that anyone ever has a problem getting reservations. You just don't know ahead of time what you might want to do ,and when, until you are on the ship and see what the activities are on each night. Actually I am not going to get stressed out or worry about anything!
  9. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    I am with you on this. I think ROGER and MARK are letting everything worry them to much and i suppose i can understand seeing it is their first cruise.

    ROGER and MARK

    Don't let all these posts worry you everything will go real smooth wait and see,just enjoy the cruise.

  10. sage

    sage Guest


    Let your only worries be what do I choose on the menu, and should I try two desserts instead of just one, or will I fall asleep here on the veranda or nap by the pool. You have had too many worries lately. Clear your mind and think relax.
  11. Peaches:
    You might want to check with HAL about the the Priority at the Pinnacle Grill for Suite Passengers, one person there said there was, and another there said only Priority for lunch not for Dinner, because they are charging for it. It did not make sense to me and I hope they haven't taken that perk away from us.
    I have not heard anything about what Gizmo is talking about, and hope this was just something to do with that one cruise.


    Post Edited (03-29-03 21:36)
  12. gizmo

    gizmo Guest

    I sent an email to Hal about this. This is the response regarding the issue:

    In addition, we are sorry that you have been disappointed with some of the
    recent changes in our policies on board. Suite guests receive a letter
    advising that they will get complimentary dinner on the first night
    (embarkation night) only. We also use the Pinnacle Grill Restaurant for
    breakfast and lunch for our suite guests (the menu for b-fast/lunch is the
    same as the dining room). While these changes are universal, we can
    appreciate your frustration after many years of loyalty to Holland America
    Line. Please be assured that your comments regarding our recent changes
    will be forwarded to our senior management for their information and

    For those that do not like this change, send Hal an email. If enough people complain maybe they will change it back.
  13. peaches

    peaches Guest


    Was the Volendam cruise you refer to a 7 day or a 10 day? I know there is no suite dinner on a 7 day. Also, did your email to HAL specify whether there was no suite dinner on all cruises now without mentioning length of cruise? See, I'm grabbing at straws that there may still be a suite dinner on the 10 or more day cruises.
  14. gizmo

    gizmo Guest


    My email to Hal addressed 10 day cruises. The Volendam cruise I referred to was a 10 day cruise also and I specified this in my email.

    Quote from my response:
    "While these changes are universal"

    This response implies all ships and I would think all 10 day cruises since I referred to 10 days in my email.

    Don't worry about clothes. I have been to suite dinners on both formal nights and non formal nights. IF THEY HAVE IT, and it is not a formal night, people wear nice outifts, but not the formal wear. Women wore nice slack outfits, men wore jackets, some had ties on some did not.
  15. sage

    sage Guest

    I'm sorry to see the tradition of the suite dinner end. It was such a fun evening, but that of course was when it didn't cost to eat at the alternative restaurant, and I guess the prospect of loosing the money for a night was just to much for them to pass up. Does anyone know if they are still having the suite luncheon, or the cocktail parties?
  16. peaches

    peaches Guest

    I really assumed you meant 10 day, too, Gizmo, since you were talking about the Volendam. We'll see for sure this week on the Rotterdam and I'll report back, but I am prepared for anything and everything. I packed enough to change 3 times a day! I do wish though that the Odyssey coupon was for any night, not just the first night. I do like to go to the dining room the first night and get acquainted. But I'll get over that and we will use the coupon if given for sure. Thanks for checking.
  17. Gizmo:
    I am lost here, in your post on the e-mail you got from HAL, they are giving you a free dinner because A.) There is no suite dinner. B.) There is no suite dinner or lunch. C.) There is no Priority Reservations for suite guest. ( I hope not) or D.) All of the above.

  18. gizmo

    gizmo Guest

    A coupon for dinner, valid for the first night only, is being given to suite pax at check in. This REPLACES the suite dinner, thus there is NO suite dinner as in the past.

    This response has NOTHING to do with Priority Reservations or the Suite Lunch/Brunch.
  19. Gizmo:
    Thank you for that, I was a little lost there, this was what I thought you were taking about but I wanted to make sure.
    I am going to call HAL on monday to ask questions, and also to voice my opinion about this Issue and others.
    I am also again going to email them: Customer_Relations@HollandAmerica.com

  20. gizmo

    gizmo Guest

    wendy and barry,

    Writing Hal is a good move.

    If you call Hal, they may or may not be aware of the changes. Sometimes they just read something out of a brochure. Many times these people are not up to date on changes made.

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