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Pinnacle Grill

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by wendyandbarry, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Gizmo:
    Yes I Know, I even have a person who writes back who works in the office of the Chairman of HAL.
    Also I always call Ship Services they seem to be on top of things more then the sales people at the main number.
    Thank you for the heads up though, I am not very much in a hurry for me, we don't sail for 6 months. Doing the Alaska Explorer on the Amsterdam in September have a group of 14 so far, it has been fun with all the rate changes, some are on the group rate some are on Promo rates and still having HAL keep us as a group. At least with our T/A being a Virtuoso we can get all the extra perks that comes with that.


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  2. sage

    sage Guest

    I think that I might write as well. After all, it was the special little things that keep making us want to come back. I guess I was born in the wrong time. I enjoy the dressing for dinner, the pausing from a hectic schedule to read a book or nap instead climbing a rock wall, or taking a spinning class. I want to listen to the waves, converse with other passengers, and generally slow time down. Yes, perhaps I will write.
  3. My understanding regarding the suite passenger "perks" on a 7 day cruise is that you:

    1. Can eat breakfast and lunch at the alternate restaurant every day, as it replaces the Queen's room on some other ships...

    2. Can get priority reservations thru the concierge for dinner at the alternate rest, but still must pay the $20 per dinner...

    This info comes from ppl posting on other boards that have just returned from the Z or other such ships...

    Hope this helps! :)
  4. The Suite guest are losing out somewhat on the priority reservations, with the new pre-boarding reservations that HAL is taking over the phone etc.
    My understanding of how it is working is: that you make your deposit and ask for a date and they will try and get that for you. It is also my understanding that Suites have a priority at this point, if they made the pre-boarding reservations or if there is no other pre-boarding reservations when they want to dine then they Will have priority.
    If you have Q's call Ship Services at HAL, there # is at there site.


    MARKandROGER Guest

    We already booked two nights of alternate dining on our cruise departing May 23rd.
    It realy is picking dates out of the dark because you don't really know what is happening on the ship until closer to the sailing date.

    However, we are told that we can move that reservation from one day to the next, only no refund if not used at all.

  6. peaches

    peaches Guest

    We just returned from the Rotterdam 4/3-13 cruise so I will be able to answer lots of questions with the most up-to-date answers. Pinnacle Grill- don't bother to make any reservations now and if you already have I would cancel and then make them onboard when you know which night(s) you want to go. In fact you will find you don't need any reservations at all- it is almost empty and I walked by there every night on our way in and out of the dining room. At the most we saw only 4 or 5 tables taken on any particular night and most nights it was less than that.

    The girl at the Odyssey/Pinnacle reservation desk told me that since they have been charging the $20/person, table bookings have fallen off so dramatically that you can go whenever you want with no problem at all. This was definetely our observation. Most nights only 3 or 4 tables would be taken. On the last formal night we were asked to dine with the Captain and I was seated next to him at his table in the dining room. I brought up the subject of various changes being made on HAL, including the Pinnacle. He said that Odyssey/Pinnacle bookings are down way more than 50% since they started charging and it just wasn't working out as HAL thought, but he didn't think they would go back to a no-charge alternative restaurant even though the $20 charge had not been accepted by passengers. I don't think you can get a better answer than straight from the Captain himself.

    We went once, and though it was good, it wouldn't qualify as anything special here in Atlanta, and we do eat out a lot at some of the really good restaurants here, so think I am a pretty good judge. The menu is very nice with a nicer selection than the regular dining room, but we didn't think the food preparation was so outstanding. Three to four stars maybe, certainly not five. Four in our party (our regular dining room table of 6 went as a group) had lamb- all ordered it medium-rare but received it well-done and it was dry. All four were very disappointed. One gentleman ordered the filet mignon and was pleased. I ordered Seafood Cioppino (mussels and clams in tomato sauce with pasta) and it was good, but not memorable. Appetizers and salads were very good and a better selection than in the regular dining room, but I thought the dining room was way below what we had on Celebrity in both these areas, so I did enjoy the Pinnacle for these. For dessert we had Tornado Cake which has been mentioned on one of these HAL message boards and we enjoyed it, but the dessert in the regular dining room is very nice, too (though Tornado Cake is only offered in the Pinnacle). Servers in the Pinnacle seem to think that being upscale means you have to be unfriendly and snooty, which we didn't like and was unnecessary if they thought that was the way to get 4-5 star status. All in all I thought the food in the Pinnacle was better than in the dining room, but not as great as they are trying to promote it as being.

    So my comment on the Pinnacle based on personal experience just a few days ago is to try it while you are there, but there is no need to rush to make reservations, certainly not online or even the minute you get on board. Believe me, you can get in ANY night even if you arrive with no reservation. Dining there now seems not to be a priority with most passengers. By the way, Mark and Roger, we were upgraded to a Penthouse during the cruise, so I can answer questions on that, too, for you.
  7. Thank You Peaches
    I will keep that in mind, I hope everything else went alright for you, and I am glad the food in the dining room has NOT got to the Denneys, as some has posted.
    I have seen in more then one post, that the service has gone down hill, I hope by the time we go in September that things have picked up.

  8. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Barry, we had a fabulous time!!! Of course there are areas that brought some disappointment- I didn't think the dining room selection was up to what we have had on Celebrity, but I like the European style of Celebrity. HAL was more meat and potatoes as they say. We had Prawn Cocktail only twice and escargot only once, the same night as a prawn night, so that was a disappointment. Other than that the appetizers were nothing special. I thought the salads offered were boring and never changed, another disappointment. There is a nice selection of entrees every night, though in discussing it on our 11 hour drive home, both my husband and I agreed that the 2 fish entrees every night should have included a shellfish dish, which it never did. However, we only went to the Pinnacle once, so you know we weren't really unhappy. It was our first HAL cruise so I have nothing to compare the food to except other cruise lines. The Lido was great for lunch and breakfast!

    The service I thought was spectacular- everywhere, including the dining room! We just loved the Indonesian/Filipino crew and thought they were the friendliest and best of any line we have ever cruised.

    Our biggest problem is that I want to book another cruise immediately and of course now will never settle for less than a full suite and a Neptune Lounge!!! That was the best! I hope they hurry and put in Neptune's on the other ships as I understand they are doing. The 2 concierge girls were darling and there was nothing they couldn't or wouldn't arrange for you. Plus the goodies from morning to night made it so convenient to just pop in and take something wonderful to your room or have a glass of lemonade or cup of coffee. We loved our suite, but ended up the last 3 days in a Penthouse! There was a leak in a sprinkler in the Lido and it soaked the carpet in the dressing room in our suite one deck down. We were the only ones affected and all we wanted them to do was dry it out so we could stay in 7025. At one point we had every officer on the ship (except the Capt.) in our cabin thanking us for being so nice about it - they were way more upset than we were. But the carpet started to have an odor and they insisted on moving us into the Rembrandt PH Suite! It was all very glamorous and elegant, but the truth is we ended up liking the regular suite better. While the PH is huge, the living area that only 2 people would use (sitting area and bedroom and bath/dressing areas) are much better laid out and more comfortable in the suite than in the PH. Later we were told by several HAL crew that they hear that all the time from suite passengers who have booked both full suites and PH's. If you have a lot of family and/or friends traveling with you and spending time socializing in your cabin then the additional room in the PH is great- kitchen, dining room for 8, guest bath, etc.- but couples traveling alone always end up liking the regular full suite better than a PH. When we had dinner with the Captain there was another couple at the table who have been on 30 HAL cruises and financially are able to book any cabin they want. They said they had PH's on many cruises, but realized they were so much happier in a full suite than a PH that is all they do now, so I felt we weren't crazy feeling the same way. Anyway, it was a great experience! We did end up having a cocktail party for our tablemates, but could have done this in 7025 with no problem, too.

    Can you tell I had a wonderful time and am ready to book again!!!
  9. Peaches I have only the one more Question for now, did you have butler service on Celebrity ,and how did you like that? they sent me a thing about the new Concierge Class they are starting, but nothing about a lounge.


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  10. SusanH

    SusanH Guest


    By chocolate mouse, do you mean the chocolate egg filled with mouse?

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