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Platinum Check In and Internet Cafe Questions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by MrsT, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    The Princess website (and cruise books) say that if you are a platinum member you are entitled to free internet access (in the internet cafe). Does anyone know if this applies to those passengers who book mini-suite cabins? I've seen posts on this message board that if you get a mini-suite or higher you get platinum check in....I was just wondering if you get free internet or other benefits when booking a Mini-Suite.
  2. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Actually, what I had seen said that full suites get lots of extras, but that mini-suites really do not get anything. I would be curious and excited if a mini gets anything extra - besides some space and a big bill.
  3. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I think you actually have to have earned Platinum status to get the free internet access. I have read many times that people who have booked in mini suites are given the courtesy of Platinum Check in. Not positive but that is what I have understood.
  4. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    The ONLY way to get free internet is to have sailed 5 cruises on Princess and there after on your 6th cruise you then receive free internet. from that sailing on.......the Platinum check in is for the perks of embarkation and disembarkation lounge perks ONLY prior to the 6 th sailing. for a mini suite or higher booking....Sorry.....:daisy..Joanne
  5. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    Actually Platinum "Check in" is for that only. Get to go in the Platinum line to check in. You don't get the disembarkation lounge perk as you have to show your cruise card to get in to the lounge. If you are not a Platinum member you won't get a Platinum cruise card (first cruise with Princess it will be light blue, 2-5 cruises it will be gold, 6-15 platinum, 16+ black)
  6. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Ditto what Snowblower said. The only perk for booking a minisuite or higher is checking in at the "Platinum" check in line.....and check out the line for embarkation for your deck....it may be shorter! You do not get the free internet or any other perk that those who have earned Platinum or Elite status has earned. Sorry.
  7. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    People who book insides on their first cruise are getting Platinum check-in stickers. These are meaningless and wrongly applied.
  8. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    who is getting these? What are you saying? If I book an inside on my FIRST cruise I will get a sticker?

    If so, half the ship would be getting stickers???
  9. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    CaribbeanSun - does it say Platinum Check In or Express Check In? There is a difference in the two. Expresss check in is available to ANYONE who has completed their information on line prior to their cruise tickets being printed out by the cruiseline.
  10. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    I think you may be right Lisa..we have had "express check in" for online fillin and "Platinum " for having a mini-suite..and full Platinum now for 6 cruises in February...but I bet Caribbean Sun meant " Express ".. check in for the lines.... sigh..Hope to hit Elite before too many years go by........:grin..one never knows....:daisy..Joanne
  11. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Joanne - just made platinum after the Dawn this past July. I am looking forward to the free internet this next April!
  12. kathy s

    kathy s Guest

    HI Joanne! We will finally make Platinum on the second leg of our cruise! Free internet will save me some bucks! Since I haven't sent it to you lately, are you ready for an updated countdown? Be prepared, it is starting to get exciting!!!!
    It is now Friday 12/10/2004 at 8:58:46 PM
    Event: Golden Princess Cruise
    Scheduled For 2/6/2005 11:00:00 PM
    1 month 27 days 2 hours 1 minute 14 seconds or
    8 weekends or
    58 days or
    1,394 hours (929 waking hours) or
    83,641 minutes or
    5,018,473 seconds !!!!
  13. Suzieb

    Suzieb Guest

    Somebody is not counting!! :grin
  14. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Whoo Hoo Kathy!!..:grin..thanks for the update...:thumb..Joanne
  15. kruznut

    kruznut Guest

    :wave Hello gang ! I haven't posted for a little while due to illness, but i just wanted to tell you i have truly enjoyed my free internet access for the past two years. I can use it as much as i want for as long as i want ! Woo Hoo !!! My children are grown and away from home, but they e-mail me often while i'm cruising and i keep in touch with them. Needless to say the free access saves me plenty ! :jump :jump :jump :jump =bigwave
  16. smge46

    smge46 Guest

    do they let you use your own computer to get to the internet?
  17. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    I have seen people using their notebooks (wireless) on the Golden, Diamond & Sapphire. Have heard they only will connect in the cafe and the atrium areas. Don't know about the rest of the fleet. Might want to contact Princess directly if you are trying to find out about a particular ship.

    Yes, it is very nice to have free internet!!!! The charges show up on your stateroom bill then Princess credits them back. The last cruise (Sapphire 10-day) the charges were over $200!!!! You seem to use it more when it is free. My wife would kill me if I spent that much for internet and had to pay for it!!!! Funny though, we never used it until we were Platinum..............go figure
  18. smge46

    smge46 Guest

    thanks for the info. yeah i just called princess, they confirmed that they have wifi in the most of the ships (including diamond princess) and it costs 30 bucks for 10 minutes, which is pretty steep.

    i bet the speed is pretty slow too. i may just get online when i get to mexico.
  19. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    WOW $3.00 per minute ........ I bet they do NOT get too MANY takers on that one. Free internet is a luxury that red & I put to good use. We found out so abruptly when we cruised on HAL last month and they wanted $0.75 per minute of why we love Princess so much. Guess perhaps thats why we had such a relaxing time while on HAL as well since the internet cafe did NOT enter our minds. :grin

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