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PLEASE help - room category

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Rukel, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Rukel

    Rukel Guest

    We are booked for 9/8 on Nordic Empress - have CAT I on lower level but room is right in the middle of the ship (we were told that we would be less likely to get sea sick here - hubby's first cruise). The price has been lowered and we have the option of:
    1. getting a refund
    2. upgrading to CAT F which is on the bridge deck but it looks like the same room just different location? This room would be probably close to being underneath the lounge.

    Any info? suggestions?
    Need to decide ASAP (probably tomorrow early am)
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  2. Rick Weber

    Rick Weber Guest

    I would take the money and run. :)

    Please recall that you were concerned with sea sickness and as we all know the higher you go the more the roll. No idea what kind of noise you may get from the lounge either but for a first time cruise, why take the risk of that as well?

    Good luck with what you decide!

    Rick :)
  3. Alexa

    Alexa Guest

    Stay where you are. The lower the deck, the less movement you will feel. The mid ship cabin is also the best place to be. To move to a higher deck can be a cabin with a bad view, or a walkway around the ship outside your window, etc. You also risk the chance of being over, or under, busy areas of the ship with lots of traffic and plenty of noise. We have sailed on 18 cruises, and we learned the hard way to go to the lower decks. We have had the experience of being under the dining room at 5 am as they got ready for breakfast. We also were under the jogging track at 5 am. Never again.
  4. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    You are actually in a great location, being on a low deck and midship. Least movment there which is probably best for a first time cruiser. Enjoy.
  5. Rukel

    Rukel Guest

    Thank you for all replying so quickly - it is greatly appreciated. I took the advice and opted for the refund which turned out to be around $220. Thanks again!! :)
  6. Alexa

    Alexa Guest

    You are welcome. You will not regret your decision. The money you saved can pay for excursions, etc. on the ship. Have fun!
  7. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    Good Idea! I was on the Nordic Empress and i get very motion sick and i found the lower the deck the worse i got. Level six is the walk around level so you would have had a problem there. I was on level 8 and after a very delayed departure we headed back to our room still at this time no motion was felt but when we headed down to dinner on the I thought i was going to have to go back to my room. I wasn't feeling great and by some miracle was able to make it through dinner. I made sure to always wear my patch and found that the motion was lessen the higher i went. After a day or two you get your sealegs and will enjoy the gentle rocking.
  8. castlemoor

    castlemoor Guest

    I was on deck 9 in a balcony cabin. There was no movement at all. We even hit high seas on the way home with no problems. For some reason though, in the dining room on Nordic, there's alot of movement. There's also alot of engine noise & vibration. Don't be surprised either by the size of the lower cabins - they're small, really small.

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