Please pray again for Pucci


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Oh Mary Ann, I just read this. I am sooooo sorry! Sending lots of healing thoughts to Pucci and HUGE hugs to you. I sure hope the meds bring his levels back to where they should be.


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We are all very sorry to hear of this. Timber and Rylee send tail wags, meows and woofs to get better soon. Bread and I will add Pucci to our prayer list. Hoping for some positive news real soon . . . .


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More prayers and hugs this morning! I'll be watching for an update!! Loads of woofs from my little guys who were not at all happy about the news and lots of very special skritches for Pucci from Murray and me!


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MaryAnn- I am sorry to hear the news. Please know I am thinking good& positve thoughts for Pucci .
Our dogs are the heart and soul of our lives so I am sure yours is breaking. Lola and Ellis send big hugs.


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Oh Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear about Pucci's medical a loving furparent I can understand your concern. I sure hope the antibiotics do the trick for whatever is going on. We will keep Pucci and you in our prayers.


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Mary Ann how did Pucci do with his meds? I hope that he was a good boy and took them for you and that they are not having any ill effects. You both remain in our prayers.


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Oh, Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear this and hope by this time the meds have started to work. HUGS to you and gentle scruffs to your Pucci from me and Tucker. Cindy, I think of you and Dan almost daily. We are at our lake house and there are always so many black birds and I remember dear Elliott and say a quiet prayer for you.


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So sorry to hear this Mary Ann. I hope little Pucci is improving on his meds.

Susan, Ginny and Tanner send prayers and woofs too.

H2O babe

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Mama Dog and Buster the cat send good thoughts and wishes Pucci's way. We send good thoughts and wishes Pucci's way, and your way too Mary Ann! Please keep us updated.

Hugs to you,


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Joe & I and all our furbabies are deeply concern about you and Pucci. Let's hope and pray the antibiotics work. As I had said in a previous post, Pucci is not just your pet, he is your family. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.


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Allow me to send a big hug to all of you. I truly appreciate your very kind comments, prayers and good thoughts. Please God, they will be heard. I did receive one piece of promising news when I went to the veterinary hospital this morning to pick up Pucci's antibiotics...and had a chat with his alternate Vet. Pancreatitis is pretty much ruled out, and that is a relief.

Pucci starts on his antibiotics with his evening round of medications. Hopefully, they'll help.

Thank you again for everything, and for understanding how very much my little sweetie means to me.

Hugs to all,

Mary Ann


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Thanks for the update. That is one good piece of news, and it shows our prayers are being heard. You both continue in my prayers, and we are all here for you. We know how much Pucci means to you and we all totally understand. Pucci is family.


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Woof, woof, woof, woof, chirrrrrrpppppp, woof, chirp, wooooooof, woof! I think that means "we hope Pucci is taking his meds like a big boy and gets better soon". We LOVE YOU too, Mary Ann!!!!!