Please pray again for Pucci


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Glad to hear that is ruled out Mary Ann! Hoping and praying for more good news as the meds get to do their work.


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I just now read about Pucci.....poor little thing. Of course he has my prayers. Please let him know that Taz and I are praying that the antibiotics work and that he will be back to his old self soon. Love and kisses to Pucci!


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Glad to hear the small bit of good news and good news it is. Now for the antibiotics to start working and all to return to normal. Hugs and prayers from my 4 and me to you and Pucci.



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Allow me to send a big hug to all of you. I truly appreciate your very kind comments, prayers and good thoughts. Please God, they will be heard. I did receive one piece of promising news when I went to the veterinary hospital this morning to pick up Pucci's antibiotics...and had a chat with his alternate Vet. Pancreatitis is pretty much ruled out, and that is a relief.

Pucci starts on his antibiotics with his evening round of medications. Hopefully, they'll help.

Thank you again for everything, and for understanding how very much my little sweetie means to me.

Hugs to all,

Mary Ann
Very glad they have ruled out pancreatitis. We almost lost Peanut to this a year or so ago. She now is on a special diet for control.


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Kiefer was playing on my PC and told me this news. I am so sorry to hear this, but very happy that pancreatitis is ruled out. I know that Pucci is your love, and how much your heart and soul hurt when he's hurting. I hope you both have an uneventful evening, and get some much needed rest.


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Mary Ann, the 2 legged and 4 legged Kelleys send lots of love and healing thoughts to Pucci.
((((((((((((((Mary Ann and Pucci))))))))))))))))


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Poor Pucci. :(

I'm glad to hear that it's probably not Pancreatitis. I hope they soon will find out what it is that bothers Pucci so he will be able to get the correct meds.

Sending my and Molles prayers to both Pucci and you for a complete and fast recovery.



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I wish I could adequately express my thanks for your thoughts, prayers and kind comments. Actually, His Majesty *acts* normally but his lab work is abnormal. Like you, I hope his antibiotics work.

I'll be in deep doo-doo with Pucci tomorrow. I'll have to leave him with his puppy-sitter because I'll be on Jury Duty.


Mary Ann


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Glo - your PM box is full. Also, please check your Ducky countdown clock?

Pucci already is in a snit because I showered tonight instead of tomorrow morning - he figured we were going out tonight and refused to eat! :hammer:
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Oh my, how in the heck did my Hawaii countdown turn into an Alaska countdown? gees, gremlins. Thanks for the heads up Mary Ann.

Doggies pick up on little stuff like that. Creatures of habit they are, and when that routine is changed, they know! If I do anything different, Kiefer immediately picks up on it, and sits on his special bed and flattens his ears and just stares at me! It's usually because I am going out the door to run errands without him, and he hates that!

Hope Pucci is doing better. Have fun at jury duty!


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Mary Ann how is our boy Pucci doing today? I hope that he is eating and doing well with the pills. Prayers continue.


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Thank you for checking on His Majesty. I didn't see that much of him today because of Jury Duty, but he came flying to me when I walked in the door afterwards. My housekeeper came on an "off" day today to puppy sit. So far, Pucci is acting normally (i.e., SPOILED). Blood work will be done again a week from Thursday. After the big dust storms, I had him checked for Valley Fever - he's negative for that, thankfully.


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I'm glad to hear that he is doing well with the antibiotics. Prayers continue for good blood work for His Majesty. The girls and Harley send woofs and tail wags.