Please pray again for Pucci


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Mary Ann & Pucci - So sorry to be so late to reply to this but I have been travelling so didn't read this until just now. We are all sending our prayers and good thoughts that those antibiotics are doing their job to make Pucci better.

Lulu sends scritches and cuddles to you both.

Sending hugs & good thoughts -
Meg, Marty & Lulu


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Glad he's acting his spoiled self, that's always a good thing! Hugs to the little guy and his mom from Kiefer and his mom.

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Ah...sigh..not thrilled he's had to be put on 2 ABX, but glad to know they will be closely monitoring it, and prayers continue for the BOTH of you to get *ALL BETTER*..Hugs and Love, Joanne and Mark


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Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts for Pucci. The antibiotics he was taking suppressed his appetite - or shall I say it was "selective" suppression - so his Vets removed first one, then both, of the meds. Of course, with little going into his tummy, nothing was coming out either. Finally, after 48 hours, he was a "good boy" this afternoon! I am slow-cooking beef broth in the crock pot to see if he'll show more interest in the dry food again with broth on it. That will have to wait until tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Note that he has NOT lost interest in his "chewies"!

He'll be tested for his protein-bun-creatinine ration again next Thursday. He DID test negative for Valley Fever. The medical and veterinary communities are predicting a spike in Valley Fever cases due to the dust storms we had in July.

Again, thank you.


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I came here hoping to see an update on Pucci. Glad he does not have the Valley Fever. I hope they other test come back alright and he gets his appetite soon. Zsa Zsa loves when you add some "mommy juice" to her food. Hopefully Pucci will like it too.


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Again, thank you for your concern for Pucci. As far as tests go, I can't report anything until after his labs are taken and urinalysis done on Thursday.

HOWEVER, his appetite had been waning and that, of course, had me concerned. I had made beef broth over the weekend, and decided to change his food back to the dry version of the canned food he had been eating. I pour broth over the kibbles. Let's just say that, between dinner and "midnight buffet", he scarfed down 3 servings. I hope that continues...NOT that he's a spoiled, picky, finicky eater who loves to worry his Mommy and friends...:whistle:


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Mary Ann, I'm so happy to hear that he has found his appetite again. He's such a good boy. I continue to pray that lab tests will be much improved if not perfect. Harley says it's a boy's job to worry his Mom.

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glad his Highness is eating better, sorry to have not connected.It's ago on the Queen, Wed AM..I'll be in touch, and Mark has photos..hugs and love..prayers continue for BOTH of you!!..XXOO Joanne


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His Majesty ate well again yesterday. For some reason, he tired of the canned food. I'm happy he's eating the dry food - well, "dry" with home-made beef broth on it.

I really appreciate your concern. I'll report once I have the lab results taken this coming Thursday.