Please pray again for Pucci


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I'll be saying an extra prayer the test come back alright on Thursday.

Glad he is liking the flavor laced dry food. Zsa Zsa loves it that way, chicken seems to be her favorite. Turkey juice puts her in heaven!


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Sooo glad to hear he's doing better in the food dept. Kiefer will sometimes go off feed, and I'll try something new. He'll L O V E it for two or three days, then he wants his regular food back. Sometimes I can get his appetite going by giving him a treat, broken up into his regular food. Other times nothing works. As long as it doesn't last longer then one meal, I've learned that sometimes he's just not hungry.


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Mary Ann prayers are continuing, as we wait for the results of the tests. Please God let them come back normal or much improved.


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The needed tests were done on Pucci yesterday - I should have the results later today or tomorrow. Needless to say, Mommy is pacing the floor until she hears.

Again, thank you for your prayers - I'll post as soon as I hear anything.


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Once again, prayers and good thoughts have worked! :doubleup:

Thank God and to your prayers, Pucci's readings are now either within normal range or a few are only minimally elevated. Barring anything unforeseen, he won't need to be checked again for three months.

It's still unknown if he might have had a residual reaction to the scorpion bite or if he might have had a slight inflammation of his pancreas.

Again, THANK YOU Friends. Mommy is VERY relieved and happy.:sunny:



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That is great news! :doubleup:

I understand how relieved you must be, and how stressful the last time has been for you.

Lots of tailwags and "Woofs" from Molle to Pucci!



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This is the best news that I have heard all week. I know that you must be over the moon with this news. Hooray for Pucci as he did his part as well. Let the celebrations begin. Scritches to Pucci please and we send big hugs to you as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us.


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Couldn't get here knocked off earlier when I tried...but let me just say I'm so happy to have finally been able to read this great news. I am over the moon about this update on Pucci....Many many special skritches to the little gentleman and even more hugs to his "Mommy"! Woofs and tail wags from the little "terrorists"!


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Kiefer and his mom are doing a Happy Dance for Pucci and his mom! Great news, I know you will sleep better tonight, Mele Ana.


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I've been off the boards for a week or so, and the first place I came today when I signed on, was here to see if there was any more news on Pucci. Sooooo glad to see that not only was there was GOOD news!!! :sunny: