Please pray again for Pucci


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Thank you yet again. Pucci began refusing his food again (grrrrrrrrrrrr), but I switched him back from dry to canned food and he gobbled that down (same canned food he refused recently), so we'll see what's what. We're also tweaking one of his meds. So, we'll see.


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Finicky little devils, aren't they? The look on the furbaby face when he doesn't want THAT particular dinner is priceless - like UGGGHHHH, THAT again???????


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When we grill burgers, we'll grill an extra one, and I'll cut it in half and cut up each half to supplement Kiefer's food for two meals. On the third meal, I get this WHAT THE HECK IS THIS look... it takes him about 10 minutes of non-stop staring at me to figure out that dinner is what's in his bowl!