Please pray for a dear Friend of mine


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A close friend of mine had lung cancer surgery in early 2010 and appeared to be free of it according to regular checkups. He, his family and I celebrated his 60th birthday June of last year aboard Volendam when we celebrated the 60th anniversary of my first ocean voyage. He was supposed to have a total knee replacement today but his pre-op exam revealed some fluid around that lung and it was postponed. I learned today that he fell last night on his bad knee, hit his head and cheek bone on concrete and badly injured them. Tests today revealed lesions in his brain and that the cancer has probably returned and metastasized. The brain lesions caused a seizure that made him fall, and seizures during the night.

I'm utterly devastated.

If you can spare more prayers and good thoughts, please pray for him and his family. Thank you.

Mary Ann


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So sorry to hear about your friend. Positive thoughts that your friend will be able to fight back from this. Cancer is so devastating & touches everyone.


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:( Mary Ann, this is horrible. Of course your friend is in our prayers. Hope that this is a temporary setback and that his medical team will be able to help him fight this demon ...


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Lots of prayers and good thoughts are on the way. I'll contact the Sisters in the morning to have him put on their prayer list also.


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Thank you so much for your prayers.

I know many on C@ have had sadness and worry in their lives, so you'll understand when I say I feel like I've been kicked in the abdomen with this news.

Mary Ann


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Mary Ann I so feel for you and your friend and many prayers headed that way. My cruise mates Mother just had surgery for lung CA and we are hopeful they got it all so I know how hard this set back must be. Cancer can be a horrible thing and I so hope for the best outcome. Susan


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Oh Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear this news about your friend. Prayers for him and his family. You will be in my thoughts as well. I know how difficult this is for all involved when someone you care about is fighting a battle like this.


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Hugs to you Mary Ann....and wishing I could offer so much more. Of course your dear friend and his family will be in my prayers!


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Thank you sincerely for all your prayers and good wishes. His wife pleaded for prayers this morning, and was most grateful when I told her I had asked a group of friends for prayers in addition to those I was saying.

Please keep them up as you can. I just saw the note about Denise's Mom - we all need to keep those prayers going for those in need.

Thank you again.

Mary Ann