Please pray for Pucci


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
The exterminator is coming early this afternoon.
I can get you a good deal on a large magazine, semi-auto .22 cal pistol. For scorpions, I recommend CCI ammunition (snake shot - super-mini shotgun shells). Won't penetrate walls, but will blow the H**l out of bugs!



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Haven't been on the board in several days and was I surprised to see your post. OMG! Poor Pucci and you. Prayers are going out for the both of you. Now you both have to rest your legs. Have faith, everything is going to be alright.


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Mary Ann, I am so sorry to read this. I have not been here for a couple of days. I am relieved that Pucci seems to be somewhat improved and wants to eat. That is a good sign. How scary this must have been for both of you. Pucci must be so confused with all of the strange happenings in your lives. The exterminator will be your friend for sure. Hugs and scritches.


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Thank you all for your continued concern for my little sweetie. Pucci will get a checkup this week (doesn't come as a surprise, I'm sure). He is not favoring his paw - though I catch him licking it from time to time. I can't see any swelling. I try not to let him wander through the house just in case another critter is hiding. :madd: The house was treated yet again yesterday.

His Mommy is pretty much the same - still not much energy but I now have until next year to get those spark plugs fine-tuned! :boogie:



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Did you find him in bed next to you this morning? Is he acting more or less normal? Water and food intake?

Please give him some scritches and pats.


connie seabee

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It sounds like Pucci is coming along quite well. Of course we will all feel better when the vet gives him a clean bill of health.
Both you and Pucci are in my prayers. Get well!


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Thank you, Charles and Connie. Let me say that Pucci's appetite is none the worse for wear! He's been a little chow hound. He'll be checked again on Wednesday, but thank God, so far so good!


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Glad that he is getting back to normal. Hope all goes well at the check up this week.

I hope you are getting better everyday too Mary Ann. You sure have been thru your share this past year.


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Mary Ann - We all send our best to Pucci and to you too as you must have been very scared for the little guy! Hate scorpions!!!!! Please give Pucci love and scritches from us - Lulu sends some comforting purrs and head butts too!


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Mary Ann - While I am late reading of this distressing news I am happy to hear that Pucci seems to be on the mend. I'll keep you both on the "get well soon" prayer list.



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Pucci had his half-yearly ultrasound to check his one kidney that we’ve been watching for two years now. Was it a stone, or simply a little mineral deposit? Was it growing? I’m overjoyed to report that “it†has definitely been identified as a small, harmless, calcium deposit – no change – and all his other “innards†continue to look just fine. Can you tell here’s one HAPPY Mommy. It also appears he’s none the worse for last week’s scorpion bite. The Specialist who did the ultrasound (I’ve known him for 12+ years now) said Pucci was very lucky. DON’T I KNOW THAT!!!

As for me, my Doctor gave me another Kenalog shot yesterday. So far, my pain is MUCH reduced today and I’ve been walking around the house without my walker. I did my food marketing, as usual, after leaving Pucci for grooming after the ultrasound (aka tummy rub J ) and I was able to unload all the groceries without having to stop and sit after bringing in each bag. We’ll see how long this blessing lasts.

Won’t have my lab results for another day or so.

Thank you for caring.

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glad to know it's better; and hearing your voice with Glee is even more satisfying..keep it up..Mark and I are so to call my MD..:(..the Mister made his request..sigh..back to you as it works.. hugs..Joanne


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I am so happy to hear that both of you are doing well! It's a wonderful thing to share with us. Very happy about Puppy's tummy rub!


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Great news about Pucci on both accounts. I think I know just how relieved you must be.

Also glad that you seem to be a little more mobile. I just hope that the wounds continues to heal.

FYI......I am doing MUCH better.....about 90%. Walking in the pool has helped tremendously. But I still cannot do the very first exercise on the list. So I have skipped to the others. LOL! I feel like I am skipping steps, but if I can't do it comfortably and might be causing damage.....I'm not doing it!

Keep're on the right track.