Please pray for Pucci


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Again, thank you on behalf of Pucci...and thank you on behalf of me. The little rascal is forever plastered by my side.

My shot continues to help - not 100% by the end of the day if I've moved around a lot, but certainly better than before.

Pat - I'm so happy you are improving. Although I don't have a pool at the house, I would love to do aqua therapy again but can't with this wound. I'm not doing ANYTHING that would jeopardize the wound!!!


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Like TexasSue, I almost had a panic attack when I read the title of this thread. Not that being bitten by a scorpion isn't something to worry about, but I was fearing the worst before I opened the thread. Taz and I send our prayers that Pucci will recoverly quickly! But with such a loving mama.....Pucci is sure to recover quickly and lap up all the attention. Where was he when he had the run-in with the scorpion?


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Nita - this happened in the dining room. A friend alerted me to seeing a "bug" - it was the scorpion near my foot - and I saw poor Pucci holding up his paw, immediately putting 2 and 2 together. I killed the *%(@ scorpion, scooped up Pucci, grabbed my cell phone and called the Veterinary hospital to alert them, and off we flew. Thank God, Pucci was saved.


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At this time of year.....scorpions is one thing I always look out for. Don't go into a dark room without turning the light on first! I'm so glad Pucci survived his encounter and hopefully next time (well, hopefully there won't be a next time) he will still clear of them!


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It was near your foot? Oh gees, scary for both of you! Glad you are both ok. Does that mean there is a scorpion nest or something near you, or are they just all over the place in AZ?

This episode has brought back memories of a night not too long ago, when I heard an unfamiliar growl and a snap from another room, and out walks Kiefer with a rat in his mouth! Thankful Kiefer was the one doing the biting.


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Yes, it was easily within crushing distance of my foot - but I was more concerned with poor Pucci holding up his paw. I knew what had happened. I made short work of that scorpion with my foot.

I think I'll pass on asking what Kiefer ultimately did with that rat.............

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Mary Ann

Sorry to hear that Pucci got bitten by a scorpion and is now recovering.

Hoping that your wound is getting better as well.

Prayers for you both.


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Thank you, Yonnie. Thank God, Pucci appears to be no worse for wear. As for me, the leg wound is so deep - it will take a long time to heal.

How is your recuperation? Obviously - and happily - you were well enough to travel!


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ooooooo poor baby...guess that's what brought me to this forum do a little prayer for him. Come on Pucci...sweet but tough! All the best to make it through the night for both of you.