Please prayers for Geejays husband Gary


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We are back home after a long day at the hospital. But thankfully we are home!

What we learned was that Gary did have a heart attack and has a 100% blockage in the artery in the front part of his heart (and that didn't seem to bother the doctor...) and an 80% blockage that the doctor is going to try treating with medications. So no stint, which was good. He also has "flutters" so will be on blood thinners for 3 weeks, then will get his heart shocked and hopefully beating normally. That part scares me. The doctor said he can also have his cataract surgery on Friday, so is pleased about that as he was afraid it would have to be postponed again.

I think the worst part of the whole thing for Gary was having to ride the 150 miles home with me driving!

He told me he is going to get on the tractor and finish plowing the yard tomorrow - so I am not going to work, will stay home and boss him around since the doctor told him to take it easy tomorrow and not to lift anything over 10# for 5 days. I asked for a definition of "take it easy" as I was sure it would be different than Gary's definition, and he said nothing any harder than changing channels with the remote! DS took another day off work and is going to come out and feed the cattle.

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers. They helped! God is so faithful.



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Gloria, I am so glad to hear that your husband is home again!

But now the hard work begins....Keeping him from working!!! Why are men so stubborn! I do hope he follows the doctors orders....

Thankfully, your son is able to help.

Will be keeping prayers that he continues to get well...


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That is what they thought John had,they were going to shock his heart,its very simple,dont be scared they told us all about it,John was supposed to be able to go home right after he had it done,but they mis diagonozed him,got a call from the doctor,they said aortic dissection is very hard to find,they were lucky and they really thought John would of made it,they just didnt know he had aneryrisms in his head as well and when they took him off the heart lung machine the blood flowed back into his brain in a rush,hit the aneryrisms and made him brain dead,hence there was nothing to tell his body to come off the machine,he was basically dead when they started to do that,the hour they tried to revive him,had they brought him back he would of been brain dead or severely mentally incapable and I would of had to care for him which he would never had wanted.Please have him read this post,be thankful Gary,dont overdo,you have tomorrows and years ahead of you,John would of loved years more with me and his friends and family,follow what your heart is telling you and dont tax it but let it love your wife,friends and family,in the end love is all that matters.