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Hi Everyone, I want to first thank you all for being part of this wonderful cruise community. I was just looking back at posts made since I started this site in 1999. We started out with only one single forum; it was the 'Community Board' and it was the hub of cruise and community topics. As our community grew, so did the number of new forums related to specific topics such as cruise lines or a specific port. Today I'm making changes that I hope will help us get back to some of our community roots and help our community grow.

Our first change will be that the ‘Community Forum’ will once again become a strictly cruise and community topic forum. I ask that any posts that are not cruise and/or community related be posted within a brand new forum entitled ‘The Aft Deck’. The AFT DECK forum is a great new place to share your Prayers & Cares postings, along with ANY off topic postings that do not fall within the normal cruise related topics of the other forums. Why the change? Unfortunately, the community board has sometimes become off topic beyond the original definition for a cruise travel community.

The next change will be a consolidation of many of our Ports of Call forums into a single forum. For example: All Caribbean Island forums will become the ‘Caribbean Ports’ forum. We will do this for all of the ports of call forums, in hopes of creating more vibrant discussion.

Lastly, we are planning to launch a whole new set of community chat features sometime next week. If you’re already a registered member of the forums you will be able to instantly participate. The new chat tools will let you do the following:

1. Easily enter a community chat room for scheduled nightly chats.
2. Send Instant Messages to your buddies.
3. Play online games against your online friends
4. The chat room will also support Video and Audio (optional) as well as standard text messages.
5. Know when your friends are available to chat via a community list of those who are available to chat via IM or Chat Room. It puts you in control. Plus many more features!

I hope these changes will help our community to remain focused on being a great resource for great cruise information and fun conversations that we enjoy the most.


i always liked how the community board became off topic;) attracted me to addicts ;) I also always like the aft deck too ;) 1st round of booze on me ;)

Jill B


OK John, I am off to the Aft Deck, frozen thingy in hand :cheers
Thanks for all your hard work :)


Ok everybody, to find this new playground FAST just look up above at the list of special interest forums and you will see
AFT DECK in big bold letters ~ it's first on the list. Just click on it and off you go through cyberspace to land in the new sand box.

See ya there, Mari


I remember that this was discusssed a long time back but don't remember why it did not happen. Thanks for giving us a place to do this. I love this board but as you know, I don't cruise anymore. Nice work Captain.


Great idea John! Hopefully the change will and bring back many who have lost interest in the board. Glad to hear about the Chat room change. I'm looking forward to 8:00pm chat time starting up again soon. :)


the community *is* Cruise @ddicts

pushing us out of the "atrium" and onto the AFT feels to me like this site is become more like "the other board".

have to wait and see


why not just renamed this board to just Community and put a descriptor that describes what it is now. Some old timers might not find the AFT deck.

red stripe

not a problem with old timers finding the "Aft Deck" if they are looking for a certain prayer or concern post..
As posts are moved over there, a reminder post will be left on this board pointing them in the right direction.


Taking a pageout of Sam Walton's book with the "RollBack" hey Capitain??? :grin Well it works for WalMart so its gotta be successful. :thumb

I can certainly understand the reasons behind the changes and welcome seeing the effects it might have. I think U have hit on a key issue which is getting back to a MORE cruise related atmosphere. I'll put a few $$$ on the changes as I think it will be something that will grow the site and put a :grin on the sponsors of the site. :thumb



John, would you clarify the difference between what is considered "community" (as in "cruise and/or community") and what is considered off-topic?


Hi Lisa63, I wrote this to Hucc in another post and will put some of it here.

Some people have felt that our Community Board has become a place for just off-topic posts. Is this true, not entirely. This has caused allot of people to not participate or post cruise or community related topics as they once did. I also helped this by allowing "Off Topic" posts to be made and even promoted it somewhat during the past years as more "specialized boards" were added. Whats become apparent is this is not working. So all I'm asking is that we refocus things alittle. Just ask yourself a few questions.

1. Is this post cruise related in someway?
2. Is this post relevant to the community in someway?

Will every post be perfect, no. Although we will once again have some definition.


And if a mistake happens and a post is placed on the wrong forum it is not the end of the world. If it is out of context for the forum it will simply be moved, and in the early days, weeks, however long it takes, posts will be misplaced, it will not be the end of the world nor will you have fallen off the end of the plank.

PLEASE keep in mind that a major refocusing of this nature is not done on a whim, a lot of time and effort has been put into the decision and it is not done lightly or without purpose and that decision and purpose takes in the opinions and feelings of the entire community.

Nobody is being SENT anywhere, everybody is still free to post anywhere and everywhere they want, all that is being asked is to put posts of a specific nature in more appropriate places and be aware that if a post is misplaced it will be replaced to its appropriate forum, and keep in mind, if we were like the "other board" we would not even have a forum of this nature nor would we be as flexible enough to have created the forum and be willing to move posts to it, the threads would just be deleted as inappropriate. We will never be any other board, we will always be Cruise @ddicts.


Thanks John and bOB for all your hard work.:thumb :thumb I have been very busy lately, so have not posted much, but read posts every day whenever I can and am keeping up to date on everyone. Just wanted to ask E where he is going to put his Bon Voyage thread. It is my favorite part of the week! :grin


Karry I am pleased to know that U are fond of our Bon Voyage posts for the Community. :thumb With the changes taking effect I will now place the Bon Voyage when 1st posted in the Community Forum and then it will be tagged with a site wide sticky so that it is at the top of the page for ALL the forums.

I will also be posting all of the usual Eye Openers, Lunch photos, Happy Hour photos, and to End Another Day photos in the Community forum again as they are either Cruise or Community based threads with ties to Our Cruise @ddicts Community. :thumb All the =photo that are used in these threads are taken from the Cruise @ddicts Photo Gallery and therefore have a tie to our Community members and the fun they experienced while cruising. :thumb




I guess I'm guilty of posting everything on the community board since I felt it was the only forum that got any attention.

Bear with me .... I read and reread the original post but I still seem a bit confused and just wanted to clarify what goes where...

From what I gather we have 3 general forums: Therefore ... if:

1.Cruise Q & A forum....is cruise related... posts should not be related to a specific cruiseline; that's what the individual cruiseline forums are for. Am I correct?

2.Aft Deck ...is for prayers, concerns, good news, bad news,rambles, birthdays, anniversaries, pictures of this and that etc. etc. etc.? Am I correct?

My question then would be ...

3. Community Forum ... what's this one for? Everything seems to have been covered

Thanks in advance for clarifying

P.S. Edited to ask... when will these changes take effect?

Gayle V

I don't see any problem with the changes, (and I don't usually do change well.) Basically it's just a different name for our chit chat. I like the consolidaton of the less frequented boards. I think the questions will get more answers this way.

And I kind of like that name: The Aft Deck. That's my favorite place on the ship after all.

Just wondering this, if the AFT deck is
a great new place to share your Prayers & Cares postings
Then what is that "Help and Support Forum" in the special interet section going to be? Is it new or old? (I never noticed it before.)

Also, what's going to be the difference between the Q & A forum and the new Community board, if they are both cruise only ?


Gayle I am arsuming that the Help and Support forum is for qeek advise on the workings of the entire forum. Control center things, posting a pic etc