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Sea Turtle you have your opinion and I have mine. You voiced yours and I voiced mine. You don't have to like what I said but last time I looked we were not on that other cruise board where personal attacks are acceptable.

Sea Turtle

[quote BostonsJ]You don't have to like what I said but last time I looked we were not on that other cruise board where personal attacks are acceptable.[/quote]

I stand by my initial comments.


If I'm not mistaken I think when you google cruise information or cruise advice "cruise@ddicts" does show up along with other formidable competitors. And I'm sure many people who use that search engine or any other search engine click on to this site to see how this cruise site fares in relation to other sites in terms of what information can be gotten for a planned cruise.

Unfortunately, the numbers of online users show us that John really needs to make changes, and I applaud his decision to make this site what it was and should be; a site for CRUISE information. What set us apart from others IN THE BEGINNING was that it was a small group and there was always a pleasant discussion about cruising. But I really think John was hoping for a much larger user base than what we have now. After all these years our daily users are still the same as years ago with a few extras added here and there. Most of these users know each other so well I wouldn't be surprised if most people who post here daily would even need to use this site in order to keep in touch with each other. Seems like many speak to each other on the phone, have each others email addresses, home addresses... even have visited each other. Seems nice and cozy but not when you own the online site and this is your business.

I think we should say a big thank you to John for allowing all these OT topics to get as far as they have gotten. Let's not forget that all the people who have made a decision to look elsewhere (since there was not much "cruise talk going on here) is a loss in John's pocket and a gain in the owner's pocket of the competitor.

Shame shame that your personal dismay as to how many people will have responded to your personal dilema because your posts have been moved to a different forum is more important!

How sad when, at this moment,the "other board" ... the so called "Evil board" is continuing their discussions & questions on upcoming and past cruises and this "community" is doing nothing else but boo hooing the fact that non cruise posts are being relegated to a different forum.


I think you're catching on Herb............

Right now there are 28,900 registered users. Given that probably 10-15% of them are trolls, troublemakers, and spammers that still leaves a lot of registered potential cruise addicts. At any time most of those have passed though one or more forums and probably the community forum.
Also on any given day upwards of 3000 unique hits can pass through the community forum, those people are coming from just that, search engines and referrals, it is nice if they find some of the cruise information they are looking for and it would be even nicer if they felt like staying around.

Don B

Bravo, and Thank You, John and Staff. I have made use of this board in many ways over the last couple of years... cruise questions, answering cruise questions, cruise-related community notes, and also, personal items...prayers, pets, hobbies, jokes, you name it.

I am very clear on where I should post from all of the explanations. Just as clear to me is the fact that provisions are made to allow ALL of the types of posts that I mentioned above (and more) to continue, thrive, and grow.
As I see it, the changes John is making will make great strides in improving the accessability to those new or infrequent cruise-info seekers and afford them the BEST opportunities to do the following:
1) Find the Cruise Addicts website.
2) Make beneficial initial cruise-related use of the board and the vast storehouse of information, expertise and enthusiasm regarding cruising.
3) Enjoy the experience of the website enough to return. And return.
4) Become part of our Community.

John speaks of "traffic patterns". Please understand that, while the Heart of Cruise Addicts is all of you marvelous people, the life blood of this amazingly wonderful board is the Sponsors. The commercial sponsors provide that life blood in direct proportion to what they view as John's (and Staff's) success in drawing in and keeping the attention of those who will spend money on the services that they provide.
Without the life blood, this would be a wimpy little low-powered "hobby" board. I have seen those. No like.

The changes being implemented serve to re-assure me that there is a sharp, yet caring Captain at the helm.

I will sail where he aims the bow.


Let me try this another way. These are my thoughts which I hope I will be able to voice just as other's have voiced their opinions.

I am not against the board reflecting mainly on cruising. After all that is what this board is. What I trying to respond to is that along with that has always been a sense of people.

Now the aft was a good idea if John wants to re-establish the Community Board as truly only cruise related. This change is in its early stages but at the present time it appears that much of the community board has shifted there. I hope the new Community Board is all John wants it to be and that he needs more posters. Maybe it will happen maybe it won't. The Q & A board didn't seem to work at doing that so time will tell.

My point is to those who made comments about the prayer posts and have continuously knocked the OT every time this discussion rises. Those posts were some of the most responded to posts because this community had since it's inception during down times been visited daily by loyal people craving cruise talk but also bonding in other ways. I have no problem with the prayer posts as long as that is all that is being asked for, because those posts meant that people cared about the well being of the fellow posters who by the way were brought together by a love of cruising.

My point was that no one had to read or respond to those posts. But, it was clear that caring for our fellow cruise buddies was important to many people judging from the number of responses. It is over Aft now and so be it and my point is that it is done and let's see how it goes and let those that do not want to hear about or send their wishes not read them aft. My point as objected to was that I try not to judge others by their reactions and words at the worst time in their lives, and I give more latitude to what I might disagree with and still have empathy about a sad situation. Tolerance. Thus my "judge not" statement.

Some people book a cruise quite often. Others sometimes only every few years. They still come here to live through other's experiences. Now if no one is posting about a cruise and there are many nights that are very quiet just as in the inception of this board, people talk about other things. All airline, port questions, luggage, air travel, passport and other questions are promptly answered and discussed. Maybe by being less formal on the Community Board will bring new posts and posters. Time will tell. My points are that many cruisers who are landlocked still came each day, tried to add help or comment, but when it was quiet talked about other things rather than sit around and wait for a question or a cruise post. If the board was full of questions and cruise discussions maybe we wouldn't have swayed OT so much. But there are only so many discussions that you can have about how to smuggle liquor onboard.

There have been many people who joined @ddicts and in their post said they did so because they saw how friendly everyone was with one another. So maybe it was good and maybe it was bad for business time will tell.

There have been many posts in this thread and a few others that I have read where it appears people felt that some OT was Ok but other OT was not on the Community Board. One person felt it depended on "who you are". I understand what John is trying to do but I agree with those that said we have more fragmentation now. My opinion was that Community used to mean just that and maybe we will lose some of that because now it is still iffy what to post where. I have watched over the last days and see most of the community type things moved Aft in fact it appears that there has been much more activity there than on the Community Board today. I agree with those who have the opinion why not just move all OT there. Then the Community Board will truly be for the staunch cruisers who don't care about the commradery aspect but just want to talk about their experience or ask questions. So I guess I agree with many others who have said that all OT might be better served aft.

All things must change and grow. In the early days there were the Groaners, the good morning and good night posts, the outside my picture posts of wildlife. For crying out loud the most funny IMO post and the longest I believe was that about the Bidet when everyone got goofy one night. We had the pie episodes for a while and the mingos, Jorge used to give us his jokes all things we did while passing time. We talked about squirrels and we had the bon voyages. We had roll calls and what do you do for a living and got to know one another through the "dry dock times on the board".

When a new poster and new cruiser asked and asks questions they get prompt attention to their posts from experienced cruisers. Most who have a love for cruising and who is on these boards does live another through others posts about a ship or cruise. People were hanging out the sea in their veins, just passing time until the next ship came into port.

If the Aft is the new community board where sharing and caring and and just talking about the weather and saying good morning to one another and what are you doing today is , and hey I'm sorry you broke your leg , that's fine. I'm glad John created an alternative to the Community Board for those in dry dock. But it also appears that some cruisers are feeling pushed aside. I know that is not what John intended and I hope that many will find their way back to a comfort level somewhere because as I said in my previous post the courtesy, the kindness and the empathy is what has kept so many of us coming back to this board since it's earliest days. And no I didn't come here for friendship but I have many happy memories of the last week with a cruise friend who I met on @ddicts, and I have a partner who I met on @ddicts so those are the rewards of sense of people I was talking about.


John.......good for you and for the Community as a whole......it's been a long time coming and I applaud it!

I understand that we all hate change......I am usually one of the ones'grousing' about it....NOT this time... this is a positive change.

Though Maw's Morning Ramble is mostly of a personal nature, I feel that it should remain on the Community board to show how we ARE a Community to newcomers. A sticky at the top, welcoming people to the Community Board and inviting them to more personal discussions on the Aft Deck board might be a way of conintuing to GROW the community as a whole....make MORE connections/friendships.

As for the name of the Aft Deck......for many of us it's a place of solace and tranquility. Why do you think so many now covet those wonderful AFT balconies?.....peace, comfort.....reflection etc. I will be one one of those great aft balconies next Sunday on the Mariner!

BRAVO John.....and his staff of elves! GREAT MOVE!


A bit confusing at first but I am sure we will all get use to it and I kind understand the reasoning behind the change being that som many of the prayers and best wishes have gotten so numerous of late....though I am thinking the name "Community" is misleading on the fact that chit chat of our daily lives aren't welcome anymore. That said I do try to put most of that kind of stuff in my "Maw's Ramble thread. Change doesn't come easy to many of us but hey, it makes the world go around ;)


Well, I became accustomed to the change in the Community forum, but I totally can see why someone visiting C@ for the first time would feel put off by the personal nature of the postings. The "regulars" know many other posters, but if I were new here, I'd be uncomfortable asking a cruise-related question on the Community board.

This is an excellent refocusing on our original format. I'm all for it.



Thanks for all the hard work on keeping this board going!

I joined in 2002 with my first cruise and did alot of posting for a couple of years. It was mostly all cruise stuff, but got alot of help with golden retrievers too (Einstein :) ) I drifted off of the main board to the cruise line specific boards, usually to the the line I was cruising that year. Lost touch with most @ddicts except our Staff which still jumped in on many of those threads.

Again, we appreciate all of this hard work and look foward to see how it all comes out :)