PLEASE READ: Please prepare for some major changes


I'm on Island Time
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Hello, As we get closer to upgrading our community software, I want everyone to prepare everyone for the message boards and photo galleries will look and work differently. The forums also don't have "Private Messages" but, what is called Private Conversations. It will all take some getting used too. As with any change, we will have to adjust. Just like you, this will be brand new for me as well but, I'm looking forward to the benefits.

As I begin to move forward I hope to make things public as soon a possible. The main forums may be turned off. If that happens, I will link to a temporary forum so we can still chat during the migration via the (forum down notice page).

Once again, Thank you all for the support. I'm excited about the future and how many of you have helped make this possible.

I wanted to ask if you thought having our 'Member Cruise Reviews' moved to a forums category, with each major ship having its own subforum for submissions? Would you prefer this since it allows formatting, images, videos, etc?