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Please recommend EAGLE class week between Feb and April 2003


Larry Brown

I need some info/recommendations for a god NON-SPRINGBREAK-type week during the spring of 2003. It's not that I don't like children......I just don't want to be inundated with them like we were on our Honeymoon in June of '97 in Cancun. They were completely rude and obnoxious towards everyone, especially the locals and I'd rather not repeat that experience.

So anyone have a good experience aboard an EAGLE-class RCI ship (Voyager, Navigaitor, Adventure, Explorer) during that time frame, please let me know.



I think all the Eagle class ships attract alot of families at all times of the year. However when we sailed on Voyager in Sept/Oct all the kids and teens were really well behaved. We noticed no problems at all.


We did AOS in Feb. and had very few kids onboard. Have also been on Voyager and Explorer for Halloween, and there were more kids but not really that noticable.

Larry Brown

Actually....FAMILIES is not a problem. It's the older teens and young 20-somethings ON THEIR OWN looking to party till they puke SPRING BREAK STYLE. Hopefully the cost is prohibitive to these people on a cruise (but then again, it certainly didn't keep them out of Cancun!) We both have families and will have no problem with surpervised, behaved children accompaning their parents:)


any week that is not a school vacation or college break should be fine with limited children

try the any week in January, except new years, or the first week in February


take a 10 day or longer cruise and the amounts of children and high school aged kids is dramatically reduced... ooops you wanted an Eagle class ship. I don't think any of the Eagle class ships are doing any but the most popular 7 day cruises. We were on Adventure this February 24, 2002, and I would say that there was only a couple of hundred high school or younger kids. These ships just attract a younger crowd with the rock wall, ice skating, mini-golf, the largest basketball courts, and roller blade area. The Radiance does some longer cruises, and perhaps the sister ship Brilliance may as well. Then you can get away from some of the kids and still have lots of activities although fewer than the Eagle class.