Please Tell Me About Anytime Dining



Connie...don't stress too much about the "reservations" thing! The Sapphire is quite a different kettle of fish from the Ruby.

The Sapphire and the Diamond Princesses were designed with a new concept....4 smaller dining rooms, each with a theme and a specialty menu in addition to the regular dining room menu. This created havoc....everyone wanted to go to "The Sterling Steakhouse" so there were huge line ups at that venue while the other dining rooms were only half filled....It did not take too long before Princess realized the problem and the dining rooms, while retaining their themed decor, reverted to a pretty standard dining experience. They took the specialty menus away and left only 1 special themed dish for each of the 4 dining rooms. Now you are presented with the standard dining room menu that is available in all the dining rooms and sometimes the waiter will mention the specialty dish of that particular dining room....sometimes he won't. If you are in the Pacific Moon and want sushi ask for it....or if you are in the Pacific Moon and want the fajaitas from the Santa Fe I think they would accommodate you with that too! You just have to know to ask :grin!

On our last trip on the Diamond we had no trouble getting a table in one of her 4 anytime dining rooms...I think we waited 10 minutes on one evening...our pager went off before the barman in the nearest lounge delivered our drinks!!!


Thanks Beryl. That's a lot of helpful info. I didn't even know that had sushi..something I thought I would miss from Celeb's sushi bar every night. And it's been a long time since I've taken a 7 day only cruise, so it's short enough without worrying about making reservatations! Who needs it? . I like all kinds of cuisine, so I'll plunk myself down wherever there's an opening, whenever I get hungry. Now you've gone and made me hungry!!!

Brian B

We were on the Sapphire in September and selected Anytime Dining for the first time. We enjoyed the flexibility; but after the first night of showing up to one of the dining rooms and waiting we found out you could make a reservation 48 hours in advance which we did from that point forward. There was still was a bit of confusion at one of the dining rooms (Sante Fe) as to whether we would have to wait in the queue or not even though we had a reservation. This dining room was a little disorganized at the front end. Making the reservation everyday took a little planning but we are back on the Sapphire in February and have selected Anytime Dining once again.